California rap fans are concerned about the wellbeing of one of their own, as reports emerge that FrostyDaSnowmann, real name Maasai Lopez, has been shot in Inglewood. While fans await news on Frosty’s health status, support for the Inglewood rapper has poured out on social media. Let’s take a look at what’s happened to FrostyDaSnowmann.

Screenshot: FRosTydaSnowMann – tHa JoiNt (Shot By @LewisYouNasty) – SnowGurbTV YouTube

Reports emerge that FrostyDaSnowmann got shot

On 10 August 2021, the Inglewood Police Department responded to a call near the intersection of North La Brea Avenue and Centinela Avenue around 4.30pm. The report states two men had been shot and taken to hospital with serious injuries.

A badly damaged car was also discovered at the scene, although officers have yet to establish the vehicle’s direct connection with the shooting.

While neither injured party was mentioned by name in the news report, media outlets reported one of the men shot was rapper FrostyDaSnowmann. The revelation was accompanied by footage from the scene, which allegedly shows Frosty being attended to by medics.

With news of the attack quickly spreading on social media, many fans of Frosty’s shared their shock and horror at his alleged shooting.

One tweeted: “Someone just told me FrostyDaSnowmann got shot in Inglewood today. Hopefully it’s not true.”

Unfortunately, it would appear from the footage that the man shot in Inglewood is, in fact, Frosty.

No, Frosty is not dead

With statements such as “FrostyDaSnowmann got shot?!” taking over rap fans’ social media feeds, it comes as no surprise that some presumed the rapper had been killed. This is not the case.

Currently, it’s thought FrostyDaSnowmann is being treated in hospital, as per this Fox News report.

The Inglewood rapper is not dead despite rumours that have spread on social media.

Until we hear from FrostyDaSnowmann’s team or official representative on his status, we can only hope he is being treated in hospital and making a full recovery. He has yet to post on social media since the news report emerged.

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