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Ye and Drake's Free Larry Hoover concert: Tickets, date and what we know

Yasmine Leung November 22, 2021
Ye and Drake's Free Larry Hoover concert: Tickets, date and what we know
Photo by Brandon Magnus/Getty Images


Ye and Drake have buried the hatchet to unite for a ‘free Larry Hoover’ concert – here’s what we know about tickets and the date.

You read that right, Kanye West and Drake’s beef is finally over… for now. After years of firing shots back and forth, the rappers have called a truce to spread awareness of the ‘Free Larry Hoover’ campaign.

It’s a complete 180 because not only have they reconciled, they plan to share the stage. Now we’re waiting for an official collaboration song.

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Larry Hoover’s case explained

Larry is co-founder of Chicago street gang the Gangster Disciples. In 1973, he was sentenced to 150 to 200 years for ordering the murder of William ‘Pooky’ Young, a 19-year-old neighbourhood drug dealer, as reported by the Chicago Sun Times.

In 1997, following a 17-year investigation, Hoover was found guilty of conspiracy, extortion, money laundering and running a criminal enterprise from a state prison. He received a life sentence and is currently incarcerated at Colorado’s ADX Florence prison.

Why does Kanye want to free Larry Hoover?

Raised in Chicago, Kanye feels the former leader has spent enough time behind bars.

In a viral interview with Drink Champs, he said: “I got involved cause all my n***a is GD,” hinting he has friends in the Gangster Disciples.

Free Larry Hoover concert tickets

Since the concert was confirmed by J Prince, additional information has been surfacing on ticket sales, venue and more.

The initial date of the concert was changed from Tuesday, 7 December 2021, as first proposed by Kanye, to Thursday, 9 December as confirmed by J Prince’s Instagram post.

Tickets for the Free Larry Hoover collab show were announced as going on sale today, Monday, 22 November at 10 AM PST. You can join the queue here, on Ticketmaster.

As the clock strikes the hour, fans are expected to start pouring in.

So far, no news on ticket prices. But whatever price they decide to charge, you know they aren’t going to be cheap. Come on, it’s Ye and Drake, two of the biggest hip-hop artists around.

Even if tickets are set at a lower price – those for the Donda Listening Party cost between $20 and $50 – the concert is expected to sell out in seconds. Tickets are bound to be resold for extortionate amounts.

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Possible location of the concert

Along with ticket news, the venue has just been confirmed as the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA. It seems Reddit fans had a hunch the show would be held at the Staples Center.

Since Kanye had originally invited Drake to do the show on 7 December, their theory was that the date changed because the arena was unavailable on that date.

LA Lakers are playing Boston Celtics on 7 December, with the next vacant venue date apparently two days later.

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