The mother of rapper of FBG Duck has responded to Lil Durk allegedly disrespecting her son in a new song. What did FBG Duck’s mom say in the now-viral IG video?

Lil Durk: High as Duck

In a video available on Instagram (see below), the mother of recently deceased Chicago rapper FBG Duck has responded to Lil Durk’s song, High As Duck.

YouTube user FIfty7 Ave published the song to the video sharing platform after a livestream on Lil Durk’s own social media.

The lyric goes: “I told my PO through the gate that I get high as f***. She ask me how high do I get, I told her high as Duck!”

FBG Duck, whose real name is Carlton Weekly, was killed in a drive-by shooting in August last year.

FBG Duck’s mom says her piece

FBG Duck’s mom, LaSheena Weekly, made her thoughts on Lil Durk’s lyric clear on 26 December.

In the video, she hits out at Lil Durk for using her son’s passing to “get rich”.

She says: “Remember they had a song together? Remember they hashed they differences? … Y’all really showing y’all rich off mentioning my m***** f****** son!”

“Y’all rich off mentioning Tooka,” she continues. “Show your craft! Do something else besides dissing music!”

Weekly goes on to suggest that Lil Durk was in some way responsible for her son’s death, although these claims remain unproved: “He was right, you probably did Illuminati him. You probably did send him to get bodied.”

Instagram users react to FBG Duck’s mom

Several users blew back at FBG’s mom in the video comments.

They suggested that, because Lil Durk raps out lots of dead people he knows, FBG Duck’s case is not unique.

One user commented, “But duck literally made a song dissing all the dead people he knew.”

Another pointed out that Weekly’s son did the same in his songs: “She acting like her son isn’t famous for dissing dead people.”

Drill music mothers campaign against violence

In December 2019, the mother of murdered London teenager Kamali Gabbidon-Lynck called for a ban on drill music.

“Why is it justifiable for music to be released about children killing one another and celebrating murders?” she said. “Let’s stop hiding behind the excuse that this is ‘young urban culture’.” 

Drill music has repeatedly come under fire for accusations of “glamorising violence”. London Metropolitan Police chief Cressida Dick said as much in 2018, suggesting that internet companies have a duty to remove digital content of that nature.

However, as HuffPost reported in November of that year, there are others who argue drill music is an “important outlet for young black men.”

The BBC explored the issue in February last year, asking whether drill music causes crime or offers an escape from it.

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