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How to get Favorite Music Guru for Spotify: Your listening habits explored

Eve Edwards September 26, 2021
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Want more ways to check out your top songs on Spotify? Well, Favorite Music Guru is here to help.

Following on from the likes of Wrapped, Stats for Spotify, and the Spotify Colour Palette, there is a new music feature which can decode your favourite songs. Let’s take a look at how to get it and what it says about your music taste.

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What is Favorite Music Guru?

Favorite Music Guru is a website which accesses your Spotify account to explore your statistics.

Favorite Music Guru regularly updates your listening stats and uncovers your top artists and tracks. It then breaks it down further by timeframe. You can see your short term faves (4 weeks), medium term (6 months), and longterm (all time).

It’s a great way to log new favourites and check in on those you may not have listened to in a while.

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How to get Favorite Music Guru for your Spotify

You can access Favorite Music Guru through their website. The site needs access to your Spotify account, which you will have to give permission for.

Once granted access, the feature will go through your music library and assess your listening habits. You will then be given a list of all your top songs and artist in each timeframe.

Many users have gone on social media to share their results with others.

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What about Apple Music or Amazon?

Unfortunately for those who stream their music on Apple Music or Amazon Music, this feature will not work for you.

Currently, this is a feature specific to Spotify.

Apple has rolled out their own features to revisit your top songs, such as Apple Music Replay. However, they don’t have as many options for custom lists and features such as Favorite Music Guru, Spotify Color Palette, Spotify Affinity and so on.

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