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Did Dr Creep's song Pandemic predict covid? Twitter theories unraveled

Amber Peake May 25, 2021
Corona virus


Did Dr Creep’s song Pandemic predict covid? Twitter users recently rediscovered Dr Creep’s 2013 song, Pandemic, which some claim – jokingly – might have predicted the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

When did Dr Creep release Pandemic?

The release date for Dr Creep’s Pandemic song was 2013, seven years before the coronavirus pandemic took over the world – and the news cycles.

The rapper’s verse on the song mentions the viral threats the world has faced over the years, including the black death and smallpox.

Dr Creep’s most eerie line sees him link 2020 with the coronavirus. He wrote in 2013: “2020 combined with coronavirus, bodies stacking.”

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He also penned: “I remain in a gas mask,” which could reflect the mask-wearing adopted in 2020 to help not spread coronavirus.

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Did Dr Creep’s song Pandemic predict covid?

Eight years after Pandemic was released it is being rediscovered by Twitter users. Some comments joke the rapper might have predicted the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Concept to represent the 2020 virus threat Coronavirus, blood in a test tube.

Dr Creep releases a statement on his 2013 song

Pandemic, which also featured artist Lone Ninja, is available to listen to on the Blaq Masq YouTube Channel. Below the post, the channel has pinned a statement from Dr Creep, which explains his choice of lyrics in the song.

The statement was initially released in March 2020 on the rapper’s Facebook as some fans started to make connections with his lyrics and the events happening around the world.

The statement began: “There was already six or so coronaviruses in 2012/2013 when the Pandemic song was created, and a coronavirus was being talked about a lot at the time.

“As for mentioning 2020, well 2020-2030 was just significant years to me, as well as many other people that are educated on these esoteric topics.”

Dr Creep went on to add: “To me, the lyrics are just more of a coincidence than a prediction as I don’t feel I was ‘trying’ to predict anything, I just rapped about what I was watching.

“But call it a prediction, dumb luck, coincidence, remote viewing, predictive programming (lmao) or whatever you want.”

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