Digga D says he 'cheffed' Central Cee's brother in new diss

Yasmine Leung October 12, 2021

Another Digga D track has been leaked and he’s coming after Central Cee, Fredo and Russ Millions while claiming he attacked Cee’s brother, which fans think is hilarious.

Another Digga D leak?

When does Digga D not have one of his tracks leaked on YouTube or TikTok?

Digga D’s manager, Kwabz, has tweeted about a hacker asking for £1,000 to not leak the artist’s tracks. The money was never paid and the music was leaked.

However, two of the leaked tracks reached the top 30 and Kwabz even joked they should transfer the hacker a “pinky” for his hard work.

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Another diss track about Central Cee

On Thursday, 7 October a Digga D track leaked on TikTok that, at the time of writing, has more than 2.5 million views.

In the untitled song, Digga D says: “Who the f*** is Central Cee? The only wild in west is we.” The diss references the area of west London where the artists grew up. The rivals are said to have attended Chelsea Academy in London together before Digga D was kicked out of school in Year 8.

The most alarming section of the track is when Digga D claims he “cheffed” Central C’s brother. And, in a new diss track leaked two days later, Digga D yet again claims he “chinged his brother” while Central Cee “just stood there watching”.

Central Cee isn’t the only rapper Digga D has got beef with. He also went after Fredo and Russ Millions, whose manager he also “chinged”, according to the video.

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AMINA | Official Trailer

AMINA | Official Trailer

In November 2017, Digga D was arrested in a stop and search for carrying baseball bats and machetes along with his drill group 1011. They claimed they were filming a music video.

Digga D was sentenced to one year in jail for conspiracy to commit violent disorder and received a Criminal Behaviour Order in 2018 that banned him from referencing real-life violent incidents in his lyrics.

Fans think the song is a ‘banger’

Digga D fans must be over the moon, they get new songs almost every week! Drill is all about diss tracks so no wonder fans are loving the leak, he’s gone after three people in one minute.

But yes, we can’t forget the fact he just made a claim to violence publicly, and neither can anyone else.

One fan even said the “feds would have a field day”.

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