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Was King Von David Barksdale’s grandson? Rumour explained

Olivia Olphin December 1, 2020
david barksdale king von

Was King Von David Barksdale grandson? The late rapper claimed he and Barksdale were related – but is there any truth behind that? How did this rumour start?

Let’s take a look at Von’s legacy and music, and investigate the rumour tying him to the founder of the Devil’s Disciples, now known as the Black Disciples. So, was King Von David Barksdale’s grandson?

Who was King Von?

King Von (real name Dayvon Daquan Bennett) was a rapper from O-Block in Chicago and, allegedly, a member of the Black Disciples gang.

King Von died on 6 November 2020 from injuries due to being shot outside a club in Atlanta, Georgia. He had recently moved to Atlanta to further his music career.

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King Von was born on 9 August 1994 and was 26 when he died. His career had just started to take off.

He had 1.26 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, while his song Crazy Story has been streamed 40 million times on Spotify. Since King Von’s death, his track Took Her To The O entered the billboard hot 100 chart at number 47.

His last Instagram post promised a new music video and fans left comments paying respect to the Chicago rapper.

Fans have also taken to Twitter to share their grief:

Who was David Barksdale?

David Barksdale (also known as King Dave/King David) was the leader and founder of the Devil’s Disciples gang. He was born on 24 May 1947 in Sallis, Mississippi. Along with his 12 brothers and sisters, he moved to Chicago in 1957.

Barksdale gained respect through fear. Rivalry with another gang, The Black Stone Rangers, led to violence, shootings and death and King Dave was shot six times in 1968 alone, although he recovered.

After his death in 1974, the Devil’s Disciples became known as the Black Gangster Disciples. However, many groups splintered off, including the Black Disciples, of which King Von was allegedly a member.

Was King Von David Barksdale’s grandson?

King Von joked at the start of a YouTube video about being King Dave’s grandson. Many fans believe he was also known by the nickname Grandson because he’s related to David Barksdale.

King Von explained: “When I was in jail, I got the name Grandson because I reminded people of King David. The older guys in jail, guys who were around when David was around, would call me that ’cause I carried myself like him.

“King David was a legendary figure and a guy everybody looked up to. He ran the streets with his own morals and his own code, and that’s the code I live by too. That’s why people call me Grandson. Everybody wanted to follow me, and be around me.”

It seems as if King Von just reminded people of David Barksdale rather than being his actual grandson.

Ad far as we know, David Barksdale had three children – Melinda, David Jr and Ronnie. Reportedly, Melinda had a son called Derrick, but it’s not reported whether either of King Von’s parents were related to David Barksdale.

As the issue stands, it is unlikely King Von has any blood ties to the Barksdale family.

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