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Dave fans convinced "Besmira" is the ex-girlfriend referenced on new album

Eve Edwards July 24, 2021
Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Mercury Prize-winning rapper Dave returns for his sophomore project, even more confessional, heart-wrenching and reflective than his 2019 debut, Psychodrama.

Dave’s highly-anticipated We’re All Alone In This Together released as the clock struck midnight on 23 July 2021.

The twelve-track album features the likes of James Blake and WizKid, as well as some of Grime’s most established artists – Stormzy, Ghetts, Giggs and Fredo – and rising stars like Meekz Manny.

As in his debut project Psychodrama, We’re All Alone In This Together tackles some of the problems and struggles Dave has encountered in real life. Even more so than the first album, his sophomore project delves into Dave’s romantic life.

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Dave opens up on love life with new album

There are a number of tracks on We’re All Alone In This Together which touch on Dave’s previous relationships. Notably, the ninth track, Both Sides of A Smile, hears and back-and-forth between Dave and ShaSimone as lovers discussing his infidelity.

In the track, Dave raps: “I wish that I could pay for my sins with a lump sum / Restore her belief in me with a trust fund / The money can’t buy nothing when the love’s done”

He follows this with the confession: “I used to cheat with Americans for a living, I felt nervous every time I got a call from a plus one”

Other tracks which touch on his previous relationships include Law of Attraction, Heart Attack and Survivor’s Guilt. Dave alludes here and there about girls he has dated on a number of other tracks from the album, but not as in depth as the four mentioned.

On Heart Attack, Dave reveals how he discovered his ex-girlfriend’s father was abusive. He wraps up the section rapping: “How can I protect her from the world when I couldn’t even protect her from myself?” This is likely an allusion to his previous track, How I Met My Ex. In this track, Dave similarly asks: “But how can I trust her if I don’t trust myself?”

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Fans convinced Dave is rapping about “Besmira”

In Survivor’s Guilt, the final cut on the album, Dave opens up once again about his ex-girlfriend, the one he speaks of throughout the album and on How I Met My Ex.

In this track, Dave reveals that his ex-girlfriend was white and from Albania. He raps at one point: “I fell in love with an Albanian, I know it’s mad / We’re not together, ’cause her family would hold us back”

In 2020, fans of Dave became convinced that his ex-girlfriend was a woman named “Besmira.” This came after Dave shared Instagram Stories wishing her a happy birthday, accompanied by love hearts. Dave never confirmed whether he was dating Besmira at the time, although Survivor’s Guilt seems to confirm the internet’s theory.

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But, who really is “Besmira”?

As of yet, Besmira’s identity remains pretty hush-hush. We know details about her and Dave’s alleged relationship thanks to his most recent project.

After Dave shared pictures of what is allegedly the real Besmira to Instagram last year, he went quiet. This was after having thousands of prying eyes turn to his alleged relationship.

For now, we’ll just have to rely on what Dave tells us through his music for information about his love life, as he continues to keep it off social media.

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