Eslabon Armado’s Corta Venas release date: the band are set to drop their dramatically titled newest album over the Christmas period and fans are waiting with bated breath for a release date announcement.

Who are Eslabon Armado?

Eslabon Armado is a Mexican-American band comprised of three members, Pedro Tovar on vocals, Brian Tovar on bass and bajoloche, and Gabriel Hidalgo background vocals and harmony. All three members are still in their teens (17, 16 and 18 respectively) and started the band out of their garage.

According to Billboard, the name Eslabon Armado (“a united chain”) was given to them by Pedro and Brian’s dad, who inspired the Tovar brothers to start writing music in the first place.

Corta Venas release date

Fans are waiting with bated breath to find out the release date of Corta Venas, Eslabon Armado’s upcoming album.

For those of you who may not know, the title, Corta Venas, translates roughly from Spanish as “wrist slashers”, an expression used to describe ultimate heartbreak and the name of a genre of Spanish music that is soulful and sad.

According to Latestnews Corta Venas’ expected release date is 18 December 2020, with a tracklist of 20 songs on the album.

We can expect big things from this album as Eslabon Armado already have a large following and are only growing in popularity, with over 500k subscribers on YouTube currently.

Fans are already showing their support on Twitter for the highly anticipated release of Corta Venas:

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