Rumours of a Corpse and MGK collaboration went viral on Twitter after a revealing exchange between the two caught fans’ attention. Are we really in for an early 2021 Corpse Husband and Machine Gun Kelly collab? Let’s check out the clues.

What do we know so far? Has the announcement been fleshed out at all? Here’s a closer look.

Are Corpse and Machine Gun Kelly collaborating?

Corpse has recently been rubbing shoulders on Twitter with notable musicians, including Halsey, Lil Nas X, and Yungblud.

The latest of these high-profile musicians is Machine Gun Kelly (MGK).

On December 21, Corpse posted a screenshot of a DM from MGK on his Instagram, which a fan then shared to Twitter.

Alongside the screenshot, the fan wrote: “Are we talking about the collab or what?”

MGK then quote-tweeted this, saying: “Yea, be ready to fight.”

Corpse’s cryptic reply contained only emojis, one of a bat and another an exclamation mark.

This seems like a confirmation to us…. right?!

Although nothing else has been said publicly of the possible Corpse x MGK collab, this doesn’t mean it can’t be happening behind the scenes.

Fans react to Corpse and MGK collab rumours

As you could imagine, this screenshot and the Twitter interaction that followed sent Corpse Husband fans into a bit of a meltdown.

Here are just a few responses to the Tweets from Corpse and MGK:

One fan even predicted the collab way back in June!

If the rumours are indeed true, it looks like it’s shaping up to be a great 2021 for fans of Corpse and MGK!

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