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Corpse Husband Poltergeist is here: Lyrics and meaning explored

Daniel Munro April 8, 2022

After a seven month wait, the new Corpse Husband single ‘Poltergiest’ has finally arrived and fans are ecstatic

The mystery streamer dropped the track on YouTube and streaming services last night and the internet has gone wild, but what does the song mean?

The meaning of Corpse Husband’s Poltergeist explored

After what has been a quiet few months for Corpse, with the faceless streamer having not uploaded to YouTube since November, it has come as no surprise to see Corpse fans everywhere have gone wild about his new release.

In fact, just four hours since it was uploaded, the new track has already gained over 110,000 views on YouTube. But what does this new track sound like and what do the lyrics suggest?

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Corpse is known for his deep, gravelly voice, and Poltergeist is no exception to this. Beginning with what sounds like the noise of metal chains, Corpse growls the phrase “Cross my heart and hope to die”, giving the song an instantly dark theme.

As any Corpse fan will know, he has never been one to shy away from making music with an eerie feel, but on Poltergeist, Corpse gives fans a personal taste of the issues he’s facing in his life.

In the first verse, Corpse makes a reference to his sleeping issues and alludes to a drug-taking reference before revealing in the chorus he left school in the seventh grade.

Corpse even uses the song to take aim at who we can assume is another artist with the line: “Your label faked your breakthrough, fake place, fake views and fake you”.

At only 1:41 long, Poltergeist is a typically short Corpse song, but that doesn’t stop the Among Us gamer from managing to pack a lot into it.

You can find the whole lyrics here.

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Why fans are so ecstatic about Poltergeist

Despite having over 10 million subscribers across his YouTube channels and 1.3 million subscribers on his Twitch, Corpse has a fairly quiet online presence.

Corpse, whose true identity and image remain unknown to this day, tweeted out a teaser of the new track on Monday along with a pre-save link and fans instantly went wild for it.

Some creative fans even made TikToks using the 15-second audio clip.


the series that absolutely no one asked for is coming back #atlasivy #corpse #corpsehusband


The new single even treats fans to a full-length verse from ‘LED’ rapper OmenXIII, although it appears he slept through the drop, tweeting: “Sorry brother, just woke up, I love you. @Corpse_Husband”

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The reaction from Corpse stans in full

From the moment the new track dropped, reactions flooded in from fans and fellow streamers alike:

Will Poltergeist make it to your playlist this month?

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