How about a leap in time to escape our own troubled times?

In the late-1990s, Bristol band Movietone created one of the perfect chill-out albums – Day And Night. You haven’t heard it? Let me tell you more.

Released on Drag City in 1997, Day And Night is Movietone’s first real studio album and features core members Kate Wright and Rachel Brook.

It feels like the mellow, minimalist album has been recorded while hovering above the ocean waves and features delightful acoustic guitars intertwining with piano intros and rhythmic percussion sections.

Pause in time

Some describe Movietone’s discography as the perfect encapsulation of a place in time. The albums Day And Night, The Blossom Filled Streets and The Sand And The Stars show Movietone are one of the great undiscovered bands.

Rachel Brook was also a member of Flying Saucer Attack, while Kate Wright currently plays bass for Crescent.

Night Of The Acacias – Movietone

Upcoming live-streams

As the object of this article is to encourage relaxation, here are some Domino Music live-streams you might enjoy.


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I leave you with Bob Moses’ official video, Grace, and wish you a peaceful day, wherever you are.

Grace – Bob Moses

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