Christian showman and singer Carman Licciardello died last night due to complications from surgery, age 65. He didn’t marry until he was 61. Meet Carman Licciardello’s wife – now widow – Dana Licciardello.

Who is Carman Licciardello’s wife?

Christian singer Carman was, for a long time, the “proverbial bachelor”. 

When, in 2015, fans asked him why hadn’t settled down yet, he said he’d “rather want something I don’t have than have something I don’t want” – as the saying goes.

“As far as marriage, when the right one surfaces and it’s the right time I’ll do it.”


However, when he was 59, he met the woman who would become his wife –Dana. After one year together, the couple tied the knot in Dallas, Texas. Dana and Carman Licciardello became husband and wife in December 2017.

carman licciardello wife
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Just in time

Following a string of health scares, including a battle with cancer and several heart attacks, Carman’s marriage to Dana couldn’t have happened too soon.

However, the unfortunate phraseology, “the proverbial bachelor bit the dust tonight”, has taken on new meaning now, following Carman’s passing.

Meet Dana Licciardello

There is little information available about Carman’s wife Dana. Her Instagram feed consists mainly of bible passages, plus the occasional family photograph.

According to her LinkedIn profile, her professional experience and expertise is in sales, marketing and customer service.

She is currently a self-employed Executive Team Leader at ACN, a telecommunications and essential services provider founded in 1993. 

carman licciardello wife
LinkedIn: Dana Licciardello

Previously, she held the post of Ministry Partner, working alongside her husband, Carman Licciardello on concert tours.

Her bio features the quote, “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly”, attributed to futurist Richard Buckminster Fuller.

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