Cardi B’s recent birthday suit mishap – when she accidentally leaked her own nude to Instagram and then owned the whole thing in impressive fashion – just got a follow-up. The WAP star turned 28 on 11 October and celebrated with an IG video of herself strutting in a teeny mini pink bikini.

Cardi B birthday suit leak

Earlier this week, Cardi B accidentally posted a nude photo of herself on Instagram, while in Las Vegas to celebrate her 28th birthday. The nudes were immediately taken down, but not before followers got a good look at Cardi B in her birthday suit!

This wouldn’t be the first time that Cardi has posted a nude, however. Last May, she donned her birthday suit to promote her new single, Press, and the image made its way to Cardi’s Instagram followers.

This time however, the nip slip incident was a complete accident. In a desperate attempt to stop the image from going live on Instagram, she apparently attempted to reset her phone, but by then, the image had already been released, to fans’ collective delight. Cardi removed the photo as soon as she could, but some fans still managed to grab screenshots of the now-disappeared image.


Cardi B responds to nude leak

Cardi B has addressed the situation on her social media and has also released a statement, which you can listen to below. (WARNING: the voice clip contains sensitive language).

Cardi has since taken the incident in her stride. In the voice clip, she even talks about the fact that, since she was previously a stripper she is used to people seeing her body. She is obviously upset about the situation, as any person would be but, did not let it ruin her day or her birthday celebration.

Later that night, she dolled up in a teeny mini pink bikini and strutted for an Instagram video, showing off her incredibly toned physique.

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My walk on dumb cause I’m still drunk

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Hard like candy 🍭

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Cardi also looked glamorous for her birthday bash in Las Vegas. Here is an image of her birthday outfit below:

She looks like a goddess!

Fans react to the Cardi B birthday suit mishap

Not all of her followers were as forgiving after seeing her birthday suit and some took to body shaming her:

Fans aren’t having it.

Most reactions, however, praised her and started a new hashtag #boobsoutforcardi in solidarity. Males and females have been joining in on the trend, some choosing to bare it all in their own birthday suits and others showing support in other ways. Empowering their bodies was the name of the game.

Search #Boobsoutforcardi to see the trend. With this trend and her pink bikini, we wonder if this counts as promotion for breast cancer awareness month which runs from 1st October – 31st October.

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