Is rapper Blocck Boy dead? Rumours have been spreading online today that Los Angeles-based rapper and internet comedian Blocck Boy (also known by BlocckBoy and Blockboyy) was shot and killed in the Lakewood area of the city.

But is there much truth to this, or is it all just rumours?

Is LA-based rapper Blocck Boy dead?

Not to be confused with Memphis based rapper BlocBoy JB (who appears to be alive and well), Blocck Boy is a Los Angeles based rapper and online comedian/troll.

It was reported earlier today that he had been found dead in the Lakewood area of LA. Although the reason behind his apparent death hasn’t been confirmed, it has been speculated that he was shot due to his trolling.

It is believed that the young rapper was found after being shot dead in a vehicle on December 27.

Blocck Boy was known for going to dangerous neighbourhoods in Los Angeles and trolling in the name of comedy.

Further information on his apparent death has been speculated on in a YouTube video posted today by the Witty Apparatus channel. This channel focuses on discussing movies and hip hop.

Blocck Boy on social media

Blocck Boy’s latest post on Instagram was five days ago, three days before his alleged shooting.

He last tweeted on October 27, with a video claiming “I’ll never die.” The video shows Blocck Boy standing on Hollywood Boulevard.

In November, Blocck Boy posted a video to his Instagram claiming that he had been stabbed in the eye.

These reports of Blocck Boy’s alleged death have not been officially confirmed, as all the information is currently based on online claims.

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