Zone 2 drill rapper Bgody is allegedly in critical condition after a stabbing, although some online posters are already treating him as dead. Is Bgody dead? What happened to him? Here’s everything we know so far.

Last updated 22 January, 12:47pm.

Did Bgody die?

According to the latest from social media, Bgody is not dead. 

While rumours have circulated on Twitter and Reddit that Bgody has already passed, others have contradicted them. Several Twitter users have urged others not to fabricate, or spread, rumours.

User TwoTimes apparently has a contact who is “at the hospital” with Bgody. They posted early this morning that they were waiting for a reply.

Nevertheless, the consensus is that Bgody is not dead but is in critical condition. 

What happened to Bgody?

One Twitter user, following the story from Toronto, Canada, wrote that Bgody “apparently got chinged (i.e. stabbed) in the neck.”

Replying, another wrote two hours ago that it was in fact the “neck and leg”. 

They continued that Bgody is “in critical condition now but should and is expected to recover.”

This is the latest available information, given the lack of any official Met Police reports.

Who is Bgody?

Bgody (Instagram) is a member of British drill group and gang Zone 2, based in Peckham, South East London.

The group is reportedly engaged in a “brutal feud” with rival gang Moscow17, situated in neighbouring Camberwell.

The groups express their rivalries in the form of drill diss tracks – “in a vocabulary of extreme violence”, according to cultural commentary website Reaction – and physical violence. 

Conflict between the two groups has already resulted in several killings. Among the dead are Rhyhiem Barton, 17, known as GB, and Siddique Kamara, 23, also known as Incognito.

In December 2019, the BBC reported that YouTube had taken down Zone 2’s song/video, No Censor.

The lyrics list the names of dead gang members.

In a statement to Newsbeat, YouTube said: “we share the deep concern about this issue and do not want our platform used to incite violence”.

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