Aurora's albums return to Spotify after going missing from streaming sites

Eve Edwards October 2, 2022
Aurora's albums return to Spotify after going missing from streaming sites


Aurora fans, the panic is over – the Norwegian singer’s music has returned to streaming services such as Spotify after albums mysteriously vanished this fall.

Back in September, Aurora’s fans reported to the singer that there were issues streaming and downloading her albums. On social media, fans reported issues with both Spotify and Apple Music.

While the albums returned in September, they mysteriously disappeared again on October 1, 2022. It truly was a fitting start of the spooky season for Aurora’s fans.

Aurora fans shift to other streaming services as albums disappear from Spotify

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The first day of the month sent Aurora’s fans into a spin as some of her music was unavailable to stream on Spotify. For an undisclosed reason, the streaming service removed three of Aurora’s albums: Infections of a Different Kind – Step 1, A Different Kind of Human – Step 2, The Gods We Can Touch.

Those looking to stream Aurora’s music shifted to other music streaming platforms in desperation. “I have been reduced to listening to Aurora on YouTube. This cannot stand. Aurora please put them back on Spotify please I can’t take this,” one fan tweeted.

“Resorting to Apple Music to listen to Aurora’s album The Gods We Can Touch cause Spotify won’t let me for some reason,” another added.

Music returns to Spotify but still with some alleged faults

Although Aurora’s music quickly returned to streaming services, some fans are reporting continuing issues streaming her albums.

Late in the day of October 1, some fans were still reporting that they were having technical troubles trying to stream the three projects that vanished.

It also won’t be a smooth return to Spotify as some users have reported that Aurora’s songs have not returned to their likes or playlists. So, it might mean starting from scratch and manually adding Aurora’s music back to your library.

Apple Music users report similar problems with streaming Aurora

It seems it wasn’t only Spotify users affected on October 1, 2022, as Apple Music users continue to have issue streaming Aurora’s albums.

A Reddit thread was created by fans who reported they were unable to access Aurora’s music on both Spotify and Apple Music. The albums were made unavailable and removed from many playlists.

You can see what the blocked albums looked like on streaming sites here.

While the albums have returned to Spotify and Apple Music, it is unclear whether there will be future issues with streaming Aurora’s music. The Focus have reached out to Spotify for comment on the technical issues streaming Aurora.

Chvrches reveal reason behind Spotify troubles

It wasn’t only Aurora’s music that was impacted on October 1, as Chvrches also disappeared from streaming platforms.

The Glaswegian band revealed why their music was disrupted on Spotify and Apple Music. Chvrches’ official Twitter account retweeted singer Lauren Mayberry’s post explaining to a fan what happened. Lauren wrote: “It’s something to do with the label switching distribution companies – they’re aware / it should be rectified soon.”

Aurora and Chvrches are both signed to Glassnote Records, as well as a number of other record labels, which might be the reason their music was disrupted this month.

Photo by Mariano Regidor/Redferns
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