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Antonio Brown’s new song Pit Not The Palace lyrics explored

Bruno Cooke January 4, 2022
Antonio Brown’s new song Pit Not The Palace lyrics explored
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Antonio “AB” Brown released a new rap song, Pit Not The Palace, on January 2 – a matter of hours after his unorthodox exit from the field during a Bucs vs Jets game at MetLife Stadium – what are its lyrics, and what is the meaning of the phrase “pit not the palace”?

What are the lyrics to Antonio Brown’s new song?

Antonio Brown is primarily an American football player. 

His professional career began in 2010, but like several of his peers – both in the NFL and in other sporting traditions – he’s tried his hat at recording rap songs.

Brown’s latest musical release, Pit Not The Palace, came out on January 2. It features two voices – Antonio Brown and one other person, the latter of which introduces the song.

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Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

“Man,” says the voice, “I’ve been sittin’ back waiting for the moment […] to see you run down the field again, brother.”

In the chorus, Brown raps about being “from the pit not the palace”, and having a “coupe with no mileage” – i.e., a brand new car.

He then raps about coming from “struggle”, having to “hustle”, and yet “bring[ing] payment” where others “bring … pain”.

Pit Not The Palace meaning explored

The meaning of the name of Antonio Brown’s new song is metaphorical. Brown is not from a literal pit, and is not comparing himself to people who are from literal palaces.

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Instead, he appears to be referring to his modest upbringing. As in, he’s from lower down the socioeconomic hierarchy than whomever he is addressing in the song.

Antonio Brown’s father, “Touchdown” Eddie Brown, was named the best player in the Arena Football League’s history, in 2006. He played wide receiver – like his son does now – for the Albany Firebirds and collegiate football for Louisiana Tech.

How do the lyrics of Antonio Brown’s song Pit Not The Palace compare to his previous release?

Brown released Whole Lotta Money almost exactly two years ago, on January 4, 2020

It contains the refrain “whole lotta money” 27 times.

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Brawlhalla | Gameplay Trailer

Brawlhalla | Gameplay Trailer

In the lyrics of Whole Lotta Money, Antonio Brown raps about being the “MVP” (most valuable player) and “the young boy” whom people “envy”.

It’s “crazy what that money do”, begins the second verse. Each track evinces a preoccupation with money; in both, Brown advertises a version of himself: as rich (“lifestyle lavish”) and worthy of investment (“They buying all my stocks”) and envy (“they jockin’ me / They keep me on they wall, yeah, they acknowledge me”). 

But Pit Not The Palace also deals with Brown’s past, and the perception people have of him. Antonio Brown hasn’t (yet) made a music video for his new song, but he did for Whole Lotta Money – watch it here.

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