Anthony Fantano's wife Dominique caught in crossfire of Drake DM drama

Alexandra Ciufudean September 16, 2022
Anthony Fantano's wife Dominique caught in crossfire of Drake DM drama


Music YouTube is abuzz with the news Drake slid into Anthony Fantano’s DMs after the music critic rated his latest album, Honestly, Nevermind, as “NOT GOOD”. The rapper then told on himself by sharing the messages in an Instagram story.

What’s more, one of Drake’s DMs appeared to take a swipe at the YouTuber’s wife, Dominique.

Earlier this summer, rumors of the couple’s separation began circulating after a disgruntled fan allegedly leaked divorce papers between Anthony Fantano and his wife.

Although the YouTuber has neither confirmed nor denied that rumor, here’s what we know about the situation.

Anthony Fantano and wife Dominique. Screenshot via Fantano’s YouTube channel

Anthony Fantano’s wife, Dominique, appeared in several of his videos

Anthony Fantano’s wife is Dominique Boxley.

The journalist and music critic behind popular YouTube channel The Needle Drop introduced subscribers to his girlfriend at the time in a video published on August 25, 2010. The pair reviewed Animal Collective’s visual album, Oddsac, together, which had come out earlier that year.

“It’s good to finally see your legendary girlfriend, and it’s even better to see that she is actually quite rad,” one viewer commented, indicating the pair likely got together some time before the video came out.

The couple made it official on Valentine’s Day 2011 and married some time in the mid-2010s, although the exact date is unknown. The music critic is notoriously private about his personal life, and his marriage is no different.

Anthony featured his wife in a number of later episodes, including a review called 10 Love Songs We Love and on a podcast episode reviewing love songs, both helpfully archived by YouTuber Neograzer.

Anthony Fantano’s divorce papers allegedly leaked by angry fan

In August 2022, a rumor claiming Anthony Fantano and his wife were separating spread online after divorce papers were apparently leaked by an angry fan. Due to the incident’s timing, some fans thought the leak could be connected to Fantano’s negative reviews.

Before getting removed, the document was briefly posted to the Anthony Fantano subreddit, where fans reacted in anger to the breach of privacy.

“Fantano really does not deserve this,” one post read. “As a long time fantano (sic) fan now it’s been clear for a bit that he was going through personal issues but no matter what they were they never should have been made public. Everyone deserves privacy online, no matter how much they may be disliked.”

Although the alleged papers are no longer available, the rumor soon started trending on Twitter, where fans rallied to the music critic’s support.

Fantano himself has neither confirmed nor denied the divorce rumor. The Focus has reached out for comment and are awaiting a reply.

Drake appears to swipe at Fantano’s wife in leaked DMs

The music critic is trending today due to some apparent beef with Drake, who sent him a series of salty messages after the critic reviewed his latest album as “NOT GOOD.”

“Your existence is a light 1,” the Honestly, Nevermind rapper wrote. “And the 1 is cause you are alive.”

“And cause you somehow wifed a black girl,” Drake added, referring to Fantano’s wife, Dominique.

Fans were quick to spot the apparent jab at Fantano’s marriage, although it’s unclear whether Drake is aware of the divorce rumor.

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