Rumours have been circulating on social media about rapper AMR Dee Huncho’s death. According to the yet-unverified claims, the Missouri-based musician was involved in a shooting in Jennings and his condition is unknown at the moment. Before anyone from the rapper’s entourage could comment, the rumour already began spreading online, sowing panic among fans.

Who is the Missouri rapper?

AMR Dee Huncho is a rapper from the Northside of St Louis, Missouri.

The acronym in his rapper name, AMR, stands for ammunition, money and respect.

Huncho formerly spent a year in jail from 2017-8 due to a drugs charge when he was 17, but since coming out has started releasing music more regularly.

He just dropped the video for his new single Ducking Off on YouTube 4 days ago. His most successfully song Snapped has nearly 500k views on YouTube.

Huncho has 37.4k followers on his Instagram account and regularly posts about his music, as well as showing off his outlandish lifestyle, with photos of money and cars.

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The Rap Game | Series 3 Trailer – BBC Trailers

Dead or alive? AMR Dee Huncho death rumours explored

According to some reports, the rapper was shot in his car on Jennings Station Road, near Harney in Jennings, Missouri. His condition is unknown at the moment and no one close to the rapper has commented on it.

There is a video circulating online of a man, thought to be Huncho, who is seen travelling in a black car, and then being shot. Police and medics then appear at the scene and transport the man to hospital.

This has caused many fans to wonder if Huncho could be dead. However, these reports have not been confirmed, and it appears that AMR Dee Huncho’s death has not been announced by his friends or family.

Fans react to Huncho death rumours spreading online

Fans of the rapper have taken to social media to express their shock as rumours spread about the possible death of AMR Dee Huncho. Still, many more are also questioning the validity of these claims.

We will keep you updated with any new statements by Huncho’s friends and family.

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