Interview: DJ Amazonica talks Hollywood highlights and dream gigs

Eve Edwards December 7, 2021
Interview: DJ Amazonica talks Hollywood highlights and dream gigs


British DJ Amazonica continues her reign over Hollywood’s dance floor, speaking to The Focus off the back of her House of Gucci gig.

Victoria “Harry” Harrison, known by her moniker Amazonica, has performed in spaces few could ever dream of. As a regular guest DJ at the BAFTAs, the Oscars and the Golden Globes, Amazonica has been embraced by the movie industry as their go-to party act. This Autumn saw her take over London’s afterparty scene, DJing at the official premiere afterparties of No Time To Die, Last Night in Soho, and House of Gucci. Earlier in the year, Amazonica was also invited to spin records at the Venice Film Festival’s Cartier party at the personal request of its host, Timothée Chalamet.

The Focus sat down with Amazonica to talk everything from dream DJ gigs to some of her Hollywood highlights.

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On becoming Amazonica

When asked about how she got her start in music, Amazonica explains: “I DJ’d just for fun at friends’ gigs. I did not take it seriously as a career as I was so invested in my band, but [DJing] took over my life which I am now so happy with.” The friends Amazonica speaks of here are the Libertines, who she describes as her “mates […] back in the day.” In the early days of her career, she would DJ at their gigs, describing it as a way to “pay the bills and still be in music.”

Speaking of a moment which made her decide to pursue DJing seriously, Amazonica recalls:

“I went to this Moombahton event in Downtown Miami [Florida] and Diplo was DJing – this was before Major Lazer became massive. I literally had a spiritual experience on the dance floor and was like ‘Oh my God, I am a DJ’. I was sober as well; it was a total spiritual event for me. I embraced being a DJ that night in my heart and the rest is history.”

Although this has become her full-time career, Amazonica has also pursued a number of successful creative projects alongside DJing. This includes launching fashion and record label Diamonds x Dragons, as well as releasing two Top 40 albums.

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From Hollywood highlights to dream gigs

With Hollywood on her heels, you might think that nerves would get to Amazonica, but that’s far from the case. “I’ve done enough shows now that I can really enjoy the events and not be worried by the pressure,” Amazonica replies when probed about any pre-set jitters. “I’m just excited [to play],” she continues.

Cast your eye over Amazonica’s past event experience and it’s clear that she’s played some of the most important gigs the entertainment industry has on offer. Not only has Amazonica DJ’d for Hollywood’s major afterparties, but she has worked with some of the biggest names in music. This includes collaborating with Tommy Lee and touring with Machine Gun Kelly.

Having played in front of so many famous faces, Amazonica describes herself as now “immune” to being starstruck. She did, however, recall an interaction with Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger: “One Cannes Film Festival, Mick Jagger was on the dance floor and that was a big moment for me. I love the Rolling Stones!”

When asked about a dream party gig Amazonica could play at – real or fictional – she replied:

“Jim Morrison’s birthday when Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin were still alive… I mean, could you imagine!”

Amazonica on music moving forward

While DJing continues to be a central focus of Amazonica’s career, she has plenty of other exciting music projects in the pipeline.

The British DJ has just released her first ‘grunge’ album, Songs From The Edge, and is planning a re-release of her first album, The Trouble with… Harry. The re-release is to be remastered and released in the coming months, followed by another album of new music coming in 2022.

“I’m really proud of all of these records. Writing and producing my music is the most fulfilling thing, next to making everyone really happy on the dance floor with a good night out which holds more importance post-Covid I think,” Amazonica tells us.

When it comes to guiding a new generation of musicians wanting to break into the industry, she recalls a piece of advice given to her by Tommy Lee: “Build it and they will come.”

“Do that and listen to your gut,” Amazonica continues. “My gut has always been right, don’t listen to people who want to deter you from the path in your heart.”

Amazonica’s Songs From The Edge is available on streaming platforms now.

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