Who is Ally Lotti? The girlfriend of late rapper Juice Wrld, aka Jarad Anthony Higgins, who sadly died of an overdose on 8 December 2019, recently opened up about her experiences with grief and miscarriage.

Who is Ally Lotti?

Ally Lotti is a 28-year-old Instagram influencer and model who began dating Chicago rapper Juice Wrld in November 2018. She currently has 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Their relationship was announced through a series of photos and videos posted to Ally’s Instagram profile.

The name Ally Lotti is actually a nickname – her real name is reportedly Alicia L. Leon.

Lotti was born and raised in Alabama, USA and currently lives in Los Angeles.

Yesterday, on the first anniversary of Juice Wrld’s death, Lotti posted multiple emotional messages on her Twitter.

She also posted a video to Instagram that she said Juice Wrld told her to watch any time she missed him:

In recent days, Ally Lotti has also asked fans to follow her new YouTube channel. She said: “ima lay it ALL out on there”, saying she would be posting again there starting in January.

Ally Lotti opens up about grief after Juice Wrld’s death

On December 4, Lotti confessed to her Twitter followers that she’d suffered a miscarriage after Juice Wrld’s death. She also said she had previously had three other miscarriages.

However, these tweets have since been deleted.

She said that being a dad was “all he [Juice Wrld] wanted.” In the tweet, she continues: “We worked a lot and it took a toll on my body, I was always sick…One of the first people to call me after he passed away was my OB/GYN.”

Lotti has received an outpouring of support from fans online:

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