21 of the best 21st of September memes to cure your autumn blues

Amber Peake September 21, 2022
21 of the best 21st of September memes to cure your autumn blues
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Today is September 21, which Earth, Wind & Fire fans will remember for its feature in the group’s iconic 1978 hit September. 

The track kicks off with the classic lines “Do you remember, The 21st night of September?” with the lyrics having since evolved into an annual celebration among fans as they remember the tune.

As the date has rolled around once again and the first day of autumn almost upon us, we have collected 21 memes and posts that you can share with your friends to commemorate the 21st night of September and cure your fall blues.

Crossfire | Trailer | BBC

Crossfire | Trailer | BBC

September 21 is a date to remember for Earth, Wind & Fire fans

The memorable date of September is a day to remember because of its reference to Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1978 hit September. 

As fans will know, the date features at the start of the first verse as the lyrics reflect on the “21st night of September.”

While you may have grown up with the song, its annual celebration online appears to be quite recent. As explained by Know Your Meme, while the track resurfaced online in the early 2010s, it started to take off following its trending on Vine.

The song’s popularity has continued as it currently has over a billion streams on Spotify, with Forbes reporting in 2020 that it was certified by the Recording Industry Association of America as 6x platinum.

In recent years the day has evolved into an annual celebration with Earth, Wind & Fire even joining in: 

21 memes to commemorate the 21st of September

Wake up, it’s officially the 21st of September:

It is indeed: 

Happy 21st of September: 

The moment midnight strikes one, September is straight on: 

Are we sure the 21st of September really existed before the Earth, Wind & Fire’s hit song: 

How can you forget it:

You can’t not just shout the lyrics: 

Why isn’t it already a holiday: 

*Listens to the first few seconds* Is straight on the dance floor:

The day Earth, Wind & Fire fans have been waiting for is here: 

Earth, Wind & Fire fans when they realise what today is: 

Time to blast it on repeat:

If the headphones are in we’re probably listening to September:

It’s a tradition that must be upheld:

Its September 21, of course, I have plans: 

A day to remember for the rest of the year:

The vibes are immaculate for a reason:

It’s deffo something… can’t seem to place it: 

Those that get it, get it, for those who don’t, don’t:

We can’t think of a better start to the day: 

We’ll be singing it until next September now: 

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