After months of anticipation, Black Widow has finally arrived in theatres and on streaming site Disney+.

The latest Marvel flick follows Black Widow Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) as she confronts the darker parts of her past as an assassin.

We learn how Romanoff became a Black Widow through her training in the Red Room. We also meet tens of other young women who have been put through similar training and subject to other forms of coercive control.

One of the film’s Widows is actress Yolanda Lynes. With the release of Black Widow this month, we thought it best to get to know Yolanda better.

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | New Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | New Trailer

Who is Yolanda Lynes?

According to her IMDb profile, Yolanda Lynes is an actress and screenwriter. She also performs stunts and has collaborated with Playstation in the past.

Yolanda was born on 14 November, making her a Scorpio.

It is thought that she was born in 1990 which would make Yolanda Lynes currently 30 years old. Yolanda will be turning 31 later in the year.

Some of the other projects she has starred in include The Real Target (2017), Dragon Kingdom (2018) and Knuckledust (2020).

Yolanda Lynes in Black Widow

Yolanda Lynes is starring as one of the Widows trained to be assassins in the Red Room. She is one of twenty-three Widows listed on the film’s IMDb cast list.

Back in September 2019, Yolanda spoke of being cast in the movie: “The secret is out! Feeling so blessed to be part of this movie! Not finished filming yet but I’m excited to finally be able to tell you that I’m in it!”

All of Yolanda’s social media has been flooded with Black Widow content since the film’s release.

Follow Yolanda on Instagram

If you were a fan of Yolanda Lynes in Black Widow and want to know more about her, you can follow Yolanda on Instagram.

Currently, she has over 18,300 followers on the social media platform. This figure is correct as of publication date.

Check out her profile @yolandalynes for loads of behind-the-scenes content from Black Widow.

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