Were you obsessed with Luca on Disney+? Are you looking for another wholesome family movie to binge? Then look no further than Netflix and Lin Manuel-Miranda’s new offering Vivo. We introduce you to 13-year-old voice actor Ynairaly Simo who plays Gabi in Vivo, including her new role and career so far.

Meet 13-year-old voice star Ynairaly Simo

Ynairaly Simo was born in New York City to first-generation Latin American parents, Ydamys and Joseph, from the Dominican Republic. Her mother, Ydamys, currently works as a designer.

She has only just started to make waves in Hollywood, as Vivo is only her second professional project. She also starred in TV series Creative Galaxy in 2014.

The Vivo star started modelling at the incredibly young age of three years old, and has been acting in commercials since she was five. She has also walked in NY and LA fashion week.

She currently attends Celia Cruz Bronx High School Of Music, which is a specialised arts school.

What is Vivo about?

Vivo follows a kinkajou who loves to play music with his owner Andres. However, Andres receives a letter from his old flame, Marta Sandoval, who invites him to her farewell concert.

Vivo must deliver a love letter to Marta, Andres’ true love, in the form of a song. The kinkajou needs all the help he can get, and this comes in the form of new friend Gabi.

The film is a beautifully animated journey full of stunning visuals, catchy songs and a plot that will pull at your heart strings.

Vivo | Official Trailer | Netflix

Vivo | Official Trailer | Netflix

What character does Ynairaly Simo play in Vivo?

Ynairaly Simo plays Gabi, who is Andres’ mischievous niece. She has bold purple hair in a wacky, punk-inspired style.

Simo sings the song My Own Drum in the movie, which has already had more than 400,000 streams on YouTube. The lyrics explore what it’s like to feel like an outcast and different from everyone else.

Gabi and Vivo form an unlikely friendship to sing to Andres’ long lost love.

We can’t wait to see what film Ynairaly Simo stars in next!

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