Why is Michael Myers immortal? Halloween Kills fan theories explored

Molly Young October 4, 2021
Why is Michael Myers immortal? Halloween Kills fan theories explored
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As the antagonist within the Halloween movie franchise, Michael Myers has managed to remain alive throughout numerous films, leaving viewers wondering if he could be immortal and if so, why?

Keep reading as we explore various fan theories before the upcoming release of Halloween Kills.

Why is Michael Myers immortal?

Michael M. Myers is the main antagonist in the Halloween horror/thriller franchise and despite other character’s best efforts, Myers has somehow managed to remain alive throughout the media series that currently consists of eleven films.

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Halloween Kills | Final Trailer

Halloween Kills | Final Trailer

As reported on a Halloween fandom page named Halloween Wiki, some fans suggest that Michael Myers is part of the Thorn Cult, a cult of druids that is thought to have existed in the 4-6 movie timeline.

Many viewers believe that this cult gave the killer his powers, after placing a curse on a child from their tribe which commands him to kill all members of his family in order to keep the cult alive.

The ‘Curse Of The Thorn’ allows the community to thrive while one family is sacrificed and Myers will therefore continue to survive while there is a living family member yet to kill.

Some fans also speculate that while the Cult planned to instead place the curse on another member after Myers made his final sacrifice, Myers then became tired of being used and killed several members of the Thorn Cult.

However, we’ll have to wait for the next movie to see whether Myers will finally be overthrown and killed.

Twitter fans speculate immortality

As viewers continue to develop confusion surrounding the survival of Michael Myers’, many report their annoyance onto social media.

Fans begin to suggest that the character must be some form of demon or immortal being.

Another viewer pointed out that Myers seems to possess super-strength and immortality powers.

Others wonder how the killer has managed to obtain advanced physical capabilities despite never being shown to consume food or hydrate himself within 40 years of film.

After managing to experience an early viewing of the movie, some fans report more information surrounding Michael Myers being shown in Halloween Kills.

Could this perhaps provide answers?

Early viewers also suggest the upcoming production is surprisingly emotional.

Does the killer’s existence possibly come to an end?

More Halloween fan theories explored

Over on TikTok, a user named @marshymellow1984 took a completely different stance by suggesting that Michael Myers is not actually bad-natured and therefore hadn’t ever killed anyone.

Instead, the character could have possessed each of his family member’s persona and is now trapped in a ‘mental war’ due to being locked away as a child.

As opposed to killing people, Myer’s is instead stuck inside his own mind where he has not yet aged nor left confinement and is now trying to erratically escape the asylum.

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The TikTok user offers a reality whereby Michael Myers has no real physical casualties throughout any of the movies.

This perspective would obviously ensure the character’s survival, suggesting he is not immortal and instead has not committed any crime.

Discover the reality of Michael Myers’ survival in the latest instalment in the Halloween movie series which premieres on 15 October 2021.

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