Who is Jaimie McIntyre? Why Did You Kill Me update on Crystal's cousin

Eve Edwards April 16, 2021
Who is Jaimie McIntyre? Why Did You Kill Me update on Crystal's cousin

What happened to Jaimie McIntyre from Why Did You Kill Me? Crystal Theobald’s cousin proves to be the brains behind the MySpace operation in new Netflix documentary.

Why Did You Kill Me revisits the murder of Crystal Theobald, who was shot and killed in Riverside, California in 2006. After a vigilante investigation conducted by Crystal’s mother, Belinda Lane, and her cousin Jaimie, Crystal’s killers were caught.

Screenshot: Jaimie and Crystal in Why Did You Kill Me – Netflix

Who is Jaimie McIntyre?

Jaimie McIntyre is a 23-year-old from Riverside, California. She is best-known as the cousin of the late Crystal Theobald and instrumental in catching Crystal’s killers.

Speaking of her late cousin, Jaimie said in the Netflix documentary:

“First memory of Crystal I have… she liked to play baby dolls with me. And she would always ask me questions: ‘Oh Jaimie, did Annabel get her bottle?’ She would make my playtime fun, she opened my imagination. She made sure that I knew that nothing’s impossible. Everything’s possible.”

Jaimie’s MySpace operation explored on Why Did You Kill Me

When Jaimie learned from her cousin Nick Theobald that the 5150 gang (who killed Crystal) were on MySpace, her plan was hatched. She was fourteen, turning fifteen years old at the time.

Jaimie says in Why Did You Kill Me: “I talked to my aunt Belinda and I said ‘MySpace, I can go on there. I can search for you, I can get information for you’.”

Jaimie McIntyre first created a profile for ‘Rebecca’, who she calls her “Supergirl.” Jaimie says in the documentary: “I just wanted a pretty face, a pretty body and it was going to be my brain behind it.”

But as she discovers, her party girl Rebecca wasn’t getting the information she needed from these gang members. At Belinda’s request, Jaimie then creates a new profile under the name ‘Angel’, using Crystal Theobald’s photograph.

It was through Angel’s MySpace profile that they discovered William “Jokes” Sotelo was the 5150 driver the night Crystal was murdered.

Screenshot: Why Did You Kill Me – Netflix

What happened to Jaimie McIntyre?

The end of the documentary provides us with no answers on what happened next for Jaimie McIntyre, although news outlets have provided us with updates.

Parade reported that they found the real Jaimie on Facebook. According to her bio, she is a full-time mother and student.

Jaimie also has an Instagram account (which is private).

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