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Here's who fans think is replacing Johnny Depp in Pirates Of The Caribbean

Yasmine Leung May 16, 2022
"Worlds, Galaxies, And Universes: Live Action At The Walt Disney Studios" Presentation At Disney's D23 EXPO 2015
Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

With Johnny Depp’s Pirates Of The Caribbean career uncertain, one star has been named as the actor’s potential replacement – and fans aren’t taking it easily.

With Johnny Depp focusing on his ongoing defamation case, his fate with beloved Pirates Of The Caribbean (POTC) character Jack Sparrow remains unclear.

Ever since rumours surfaced that Disney had dropped Depp, his fans have stood by the actor, vowing to boycott the franchise as they see him as irreplaceable.

However, new reports on the Pirates 6 cast claim Margot Robbie is in the running to be the female lead.

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Carpool Karaoke | Season 5 Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Carpool Karaoke | Season 5 Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Margot Robbie as Captain Jack Sparrow?

POTC producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed in a recent interview that not one but two scripts are being written.

Yes. We’re talking to Margot Robbie. We are developing two Pirates scripts – one with her, one without,” Bruckheimer said.

An A-list actress, Robbie is best known for her roles in The Wolf Of Wall Street and Suicide Squad.

The Australian actress was rumoured to be the new POTC lead in 2020, with Birds Of Prey writer Christina Hodson reportedly joining the female-fronted instalment. Robbie has never confirmed any Pirates 6 news but Bruckheimer’s latest statement hints she has the biggest potential as Jack Sparrow’s replacement.

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Photo by GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT/AFP via Getty Images

Guardians Of The Galaxy actress Karen Gillan is another name thrown into the mix, but there has been no further updates regarding her inclusion.

As huge fans of Depp as Captain Sparrow, we – along with many movie-goers – were left disappointed when he seemed to rule out a return to the franchise during his ongoing defamation court case.

When asked whether the character of Jack Sparrow was in the script, Bruckheimer replied: “Not at this point, the future is yet to be decided.”

Fans campaign #NoJohnnyNoPirates

The hashtag is self-explanatory, Johnny Depp fans don’t want another POTC without the 58-year-old actor. Thankfully, Robbie won’t be taking over Jack Sparrow – she’ll be getting her own character, so she would only replace Depp as the lead rather than being Sparrow Mark II. Nevertheless, she’s got some big shoes to fill.

In our minds, we would love to see them share the screen. Remember when Elizabeth Swan and Jack Sparrow worked together? That was hilariously chaotic and Robbie proved she can do comedy in The Wolf Of Wall Street and I, Tonya.

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