Who does Luisa Ranieri play in Sorrentino’s The Hand Of God?

Darcy Rafter December 16, 2021
Who does Luisa Ranieri play in Sorrentino’s The Hand Of God?

The Hand Of God has just hit Netflix and fans can’t wait to dive into Paolo Sorrentino’s Eighties Italian masterpiece. Let’s discover who Luisa Ranieri plays in the film and what her character is all about.

The narrative of The Hand Of God is inspired by the childhood of writer-director Paolo Sorrentino. The movie captures Sorrentino’s adolescence and includes a family meal scene filmed in the grounds of a former convent near Sorrento.

As it is Luisa Ranieri’s birthday today, 16 December, it is only right we delve into her acting work. Sorrentino fans, meet the Italian actress who stars in The Hand Of God.

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Who does Luisa Ranieri play in The Hand Of God?

Luisa Ranieri plays the role of Aunt Patrizia. 

The movie opens with an encounter at a bus stop between Luisa Ranieri and a man who claims he is San Gennaro, the patron saint of Naples. Luisa plays Fabietto’s unpredictable yet vulnerable aunt. Luisa puts her all into this role as her character suffers deep emotions and traumatic experiences. For example, her character suffers a miscarriage and experiences physical abuse at the hands of her husband. Patrizia then makes a suicide threat and is institutionalised.

Her husband, Franco, suspects she is cheating and asks Fabietto to visit his Aunt Patrizia at the psychiatric facility. Fabio is fascinated by his aunt and daydreams about her. Patrizia, who is unable to conceive with her husband, randomly strips off in front of her family on a boating trip. Fabio realises she is going insane and decides to act as her support system.

Who is Luisa Ranieri?

In 1973, Luisa Ranieri was born on this day, 16 December, in Naples. She has been married to Luca Zingaretti since 23 May 2012. They met on the set of Cefalonia in 2005 and have two daughters, Emma and Bianca.

You may recognise Luisa as playing Prisca in Basette (2006), Ninni in Gli Amici Del Bar Margherita (2009), Chiara in Dark Love (2010), Isabella in Letters To Juliet (2010), and Carmela Carrizzo in La vita Promessa (2018-20). Other film roles include The Friends At The Margherita Cafe (2009) and Basette (2006).

The Italian actress has also been in a number of miniseries on RAI and who can forget her role in Eros (2004).

What is Sorrentino’s The Hand Of God?

Set in 1980s Naples, Italian teenager Fabietto is struggling to find his place in society. He spends time with his parents and brother and follows football star Diego Maradona, hoping to play for Napoli one day.

His Uncle Alfredo believes Maradona’s “hand of God” has saved Fabietto’s life.

Fans react to The Hand Of God hitting Netflix

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