Where was Squared Love filmed? The Polish film has just debuted on Netflix, bringing some new talent to home screens, and fans are curious were the romantic comedy was filmed.

The Polish production follows Enzo, a celebrity journalist, who lives a luxurious life, picking up women in fancy sports cars while writing salacious gossip. Enzo’s life changes entirely when he meets school teacher, Klaudia, who moonlights as a celebrity model.

Released on Netflix on 11 February, Squared Love is directed by Filip Zylber and stars Mateusz Banasiuk and Adrianna Chlebicka. Netflix describes it as a feel-good, intimate and romantic film.


Squared Love currently sits at a 40% audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes with one review saying: “Squared Love will leave audiences desperate for the conclusion to come in a slightly cheesy, but well delivered, intimate story.”

Where was Squared Love filmed?

According to IMDB, Squared Love was filmed in the Polish capital, Warsaw.

Warsaw is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for city breaks. Located at the crossroads between West and East Europe, it is a melting pot of culture and is renowned for its countless festivals and art events.

The city also renowned for its history and museums, like the Warsaw Rising Museum and Museum of The History of Polish Jews.

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