Where was Kajillionaire filmed? Evan Rachel Wood stars in latest Miranda July dramedy

Kate Fowler September 25, 2020
Where was Kajillionaire filmed? Evan Rachel Wood stars in latest Miranda July dramedy
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Where was Kajillionaire filmed? Miranda July’s latest quirky dramedy, starring Evan Rachel Wood, is about to hit the few remaining cinemas open in the US. After watching the trailer fans are already wondering where the pastel-hued bittersweet story got its distinctive look.

Kajillionaire premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival but is being made available for us mere mortals to watch in US theatres from 25 September.

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UK film buffs, however, will have to wait until 9 October to see it at the cinema.

In a Parasite-meets-Ocean’s Eleven-style film, Kajillionaire follows the story of two con artists on a mission to train their only daughter to carry on their bad work.

In one of their scams, they manage to recruit a fourth stranger to join them. Trouble ensues as the daughter begins to make some realisations about her upbringing and how healthy it was (hint: it wasn’t).

Although the story line is intense enough, the pastel sunsets and summer colours of the film have made people wonder where it was filmed.

Where is the story set?

The film itself is set in Los Angeles where the family live and scam, which explains the abundance of bright sunsets and all-American diners throughout the story.

But where was Kajillionaire filmed?

From what we could uncover, Kajillionaire actually seems to have been filmed in LA, judging from a post about the film by director Miranda July in which she tagged only LA-based movie people, including visual FX and hairstylists.

Of course, real information about where Kajillionaire was filmed is hard to find. We think it’s likely to have been filmed in an LA studio, but it’s not clear which one.

A quick Google search of the pink bubble-producing factory next door to the family’s apartment in Kajillionaire confirms this theory.

It doesn’t exist, which is no surprise to anyone!

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