Where was Brazen filmed? Netflix filming locations explored

Darcy Rafter January 14, 2022
Where was Brazen filmed? Netflix filming locations explored
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Monika Mitchell brings us the latest crime thriller movie ‘Brazen’ adapted from the novel ‘Brazen Virtue’ by Nora Roberts. Fans of the movie are keen to know where Brazen was filmed so let’s explore the Netflix filming locations.

The narrative begins following Kathleen’s death, her sister and novelist Grace sets out to find the truths of her murder against the police detectives’ odds. Embarking upon a journey to discover her double life.

We see the run-down neighbourhood of Washington DC setting the scene of where Kathleen lived, but let’s discover where the film was actually shot.

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Brazen | Official Trailer | Netflix

Brazen | Official Trailer | Netflix

Where was Brazen filmed?

‘Brazen’ was filmed in Canada, particularly in Vancouver.

Filming started on 15 March 2021 and wrapped on 21 April, the director Monika Mitchell specialises in creating indie films and is a dual citizen of the US and Canada. Hence why the majority of it was shot in Vancouver.

The main sight of filming was at a church called St. John’s Shaughnessy Church located at 1490 Nanton Avenue in Vancouver. This was the location for the filming of a funeral scene.

It has been reported that some cast members and extras, utilised a space called Trendell Lounge in the parish’s Administration Building. This is a bright large room with big windows overlooking the church lawn, it is often used for storage and extras.

This is not the only production to have filmed on these locations, Proof, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (season 2 finale), and Imposters (season 1 finale) have also been filmed at this venue.

Close to the church premise, filming also took place in Synod Offices of the Diocese of New Westminster, at 1410 Nanton Avenue.

Netflix’s Brazen explored

Netflix’s new murder-mystery movie Brazen, starring Alyssa Milano is not one to miss. Brazen casts Milano as a bestselling crime author who starts investigating her sister’s past after she finds her strangled to death.

It all starts when Grace comes to visit Kathleen and instantly falls for Ed, who happens to live next door. You may recognise Ed, as it’s actually Sam Page from House Of Cards and Gossip Girl. When she comes home she finds that Kathleen has been murdered and she needs to stay with Ed whilst she figures it out. She also needs to find out more about her sister’s double life to really get to the bottom of things.

Fans react to Brazen on Netflix

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