Where to watch Skinamarink 2022: Streaming options and synopsis

Rachael Grealish November 25, 2022
Where to watch Skinamarink 2022: Streaming options and synopsis

Horror fans are wondering where to watch the 2022 movie Skinamarink as reviews promise it’ll “scare you right back to dark ages”.

The movie that was described as a “low-fi nostalgic nightmare” only premiered this year and already has received rave reviews from scary movie fanatics.

But following its film festival debut horror fans are dying to know where they can watch it and how they can get this scary fix.

Warning: contains spoilers for Skinamarink

Skinamarink synopsis

Skinamarink follows the story of two children who wake up in the middle of the night to find their father is missing, and all the windows and doors in their home have vanished.

However, when the children awaken, the house isn’t the same as when they went to sleep – this one is filled with an eerie and dangerous feeling.

A dark force occupies the house and takes everything away from the children inside – first the windows disappear then a window appears where there wasn’t one prior in a hallway, and then a door appears in the same way. Similarly, a toilet appears, and then it disappears.

The dark force also seems to speak to the children telling them to “look under the bed” or “come upstairs”.

Skinamarink goes viral

The movie went viral after a writer reviewed it in which C.H. Newell wrote: “Skinamarink is a slow, nightmarish walk through a vivid sensation of nostalgia, reminding adults what it felt like to be afraid of the dark, even in the comfort of one’s own home.”

He goes on to describe Skinamarink as “glacially slow” but says this also helps make it a “haunting piece of work”.

“It feels like something you might stumble onto between test signals on TV late at night,” he wrote, “an unknown transmission from somewhere strange, an electronic cry from help out of an old VHS tape that seems to seep into reality.”

Another reviewer said the movie “demands a lot from its viewers”, but said they “haven’t felt this challenged or this horrified by a film in a very long time”.

How to watch Skinamarink

There were a lucky few who viewed the movie at its world premiere in Montreal this year, but it currently isn’t available to purchase on DVD and isn’t being shown in cinemas.

The horror movie is currently not streaming on any major streaming sites, like Netflix or Prime Video, and even isn’t on the horror streaming app Shudder.

Many horror fans took to Reddit to discuss the movie and ask where others had managed to watch Skinamarink and many of them raved about it in the thread comments.

However, fans discussing Skinamarink on Reddit – which currently sits at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes – found they can stream the movie via Goku Movies.

Screengrab from Skinamarink trailer. Credit: ERO Picture Company/ YouTube
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