Where to watch Box of Rain as Grateful Dead documentary gets its release

Eve Edwards August 3, 2022
Where to watch Box of Rain as Grateful Dead documentary gets its release
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Box of Rain, the highly-anticipated fan documentary about iconic Californian group Grateful Dead, finally gets its release on streaming sites this August.

Named after one of the band’s iconic tracks from American Beauty, the documentary focuses on the healing power of music and the community of ‘Deadheads’ who rallied around the Grateful Dead in the latter half of the twentieth century.

Based on filmmaker Lonnie Frazier’s experiences following the band, Box of Rain offers a unique insight into the power of the Grateful Dead’s music.

Let’s take a look at how to watch Box of Rain as the documentary finally gets its release this summer.

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Where to watch Box of Rain

For those wishing to stream the Box of Rain documentary, you can watch it by renting through HouseTwelve Media’s official Vimeo account. It is currently available to rent for £4.04 (~$4.90) or to buy for £8.08 (~$9.79).

Although Box of Rain has been available to stream through Vimeo since May 2022, interest in the documentary has piqued this August as it becomes available on other streaming sites.

You can now stream Box of Rain on Fire TV, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Plex, and Samsung and LG TVs. As of yet, the documentary is not available on major streaming platforms such as Netflix or HBO Max.

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What is Box of Rain about?

Many musical biopics and documentaries chart a musician/band’s rise to stardom, following the challenges along the way. Filmmaker Lonnie Frazier has switched up the musical documentary format with Box of Rain, instead focussing on Grateful Dead’s impact on their fandom.

This fan-oriented documentary looks at the Deadhead community, examining the power music can have on an individual and collective. In this case, it looks at Frazier’s life in the 1980s, centering on a road trip in 1985 which introduced her to the Deadhead community and changed her life forever.

Twenty-five years on, Frazier revisits the life-altering trip, meeting up with old friends along the way and reminiscing on the power of the Grateful Dead.

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Box of Rain’s director calls making the documentary “healing”

The documentary’s director and producer, Lonnie Frazier, commenced production on Box of Rain back in 2010. The documentary took “hundreds of hours of reviewing material, and thousands of miles [of travel]” to complete, as explained on the film’s website.

Describing the process of making the film, Frazier described the trip as “healing” as the original road trip back in 1985.

Box of Rain is proving to be a must-watch, as it lands on SF Gate’s “Best movies of 2022” list. The documentary has also won and been nominated for several prizes. It won Best Female Editor at Toronto International Women Film Festival 2021, and was nominated for Best Documentary at Austin International Art Festival 2021.

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More Grateful Dead documentaries to watch online

Box of Rain is one of many documentaries to be made about the iconic band Grateful Dead over the years. In 2017, Martin Scorsese produced Long Strange Trip, a six-part documentary about the group’s rise to success. Long Strange Trip is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Netflix also distributed a documentary about the Grateful Dead, The Other One: The Long, Strange Trip of Bob Weir (2015) which is still available to stream on their website.

There is also the original Grateful Dead documentary released back in 1977. Roku subscribers will be able to catch The Grateful Dead movie, as will those with an Amazon Prime account.

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