What is Kiss The Ground about? A unique Netflix climate documentary

Jane Corscadden September 21, 2020
What is Kiss The Ground about? A unique Netflix climate documentary

What is Kiss The Ground about? Climate change documentaries often leave viewers with the sinking feeling we’re too late to change our ways. Netflix’s Kiss The Ground, however, is a climate documentary that aims to inspire hope.

Narrated by Woody Harrelson and premiering on Netflix on 22 September, the documentary focuses on soil regeneration as a way to slow the effects of climate change.

What is Kiss The Ground about?

Kiss The Ground is a Los Angeles-based non-for-profit group with a mission to awaken people to the possibilities of regeneration.

Since beginning its mission in 2013, the group has educated millions of people through media, courses and advocacy.

The newNetflix documentary is another way for the climate group to extend its reach.

What is the thought behind the new documentary?

This documentary has been a decade in the making. Initial footage was shot by executive producer Ian Somerhalder (actor of Lost and Vampire Diaries fame) and shared with film-makers Josh and Rebecca Tickell.

The crux of Kiss The Ground is expressed in its trailer: “Our health and the health of our planet are connected.”

By enabling the planet to become healthy, we are allowing ourselves to become healthy.

For those behind this project, a main way we can achieve this is by converting deserts and areas with damaged soil into lush ecosystems while reversing climate change in the process.

Sounds like a big ask, right? But there are ways we can make this happen.

What is regenerative agriculture?  

At the heart of Kiss The Ground’s message is the need for regenerative agriculture and more sustainable ways to grow our food.

Regenerative agriculture describes farming techniques that reverse climate change by rebuilding organic soil matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity.

Put simply, by using plants, trees and farming techniques, carbon can be drawn from the atmosphere.

It can then be stored in the soil, which reduces atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide while allowing our soils to heal and become healthy.

Reducing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can help reverse the impact of climate change.

Photo by Raphael Rychetsky on Unsplash

It seems like a win-win scenario – our planet can begin to heal, the impact of climate change can be limited or reversed, and our health can be increased.

Is there hope?

If you often feel hopeless after watching climate change documentaries, make sure to check out Kiss The Ground on Netflix.

It sheds light on practical steps we can take as a society to reverse the impact of climate change and shows we still have some time to change our planet.

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