What exactly did Death say in Spanish in Puss In Boots: The Last Wish?

Amber Peake January 16, 2023
What exactly did Death say in Spanish in Puss In Boots: The Last Wish?


Puss In Boots: The Last Wish’s wolf villain, Death, slips into Spanish in one moment of the new movie but exactly did the character say?

Having been introduced to the beloved feline hero across the Shrek franchise, Puss In Boots got his own spin-off in 2011, which was later followed by a short film in 2012. 

More than a decade on Puss In Boots’ escapades are once again in cinemas as audiences are introduced to the new bad guy Death. 

In one moment of the new release, Puss In Boots takes on the villain in a duel with Death, heard slipping into Spanish during their back and forth. Let’s explore what Death’s remark translates to in English…

What did Death say in Spanish in Puss In Boots: The Last Wish?

During Death and Puss In Boots’ final encounter, which saw the pair go head to head in a duel, the villainous wolf vented his frustrations in Spanish before turning his back on the beloved feline hero.

In the moment, Death can be heard saying: “Por qué diablos fui a jugar con mi comida?” before adding, “Live your life Puss In Boots. Live it well,” as he walks away.

The Puss In Boots bad guy’s Spanish remark in English translates to mean “Why the h*** did I go and play with my food?” or “Why the h*** did I have to go and play with my food?”

What did Puss In Boots say to Death in response? 

As Death walks into the distance following his surrender from his duel with Puss In Boots, he leaves the feline hero with a warning.

Looking back at where Puss stood, Death reminded the beloved character that it would not be the last time they would cross paths.

In the moment, Puss responds to Death in Spanish as he quips: “Sí. Hasta la muerte,” which in English translates to mean “yes, until death.”

Who voices the Puss In Boots villain, Death?

The voice actor behind Puss In Boots’ Death, the wolf, is Brazilian actor Wagner Moura

Puss In Boots appears to be one of a few voice roles the actor has done so far in his career, with Moura more familiar to TV audiences for his roles on-screen.

Some of the star’s more notable projects include the Apple Tv+ thriller series Shining Girls, the crime drama series Narcos and the action thriller movie The Gray Man.

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