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What does Miércoles mean in Disney’s Encanto?

Darcy Rafter January 6, 2022
What does Miércoles mean in Disney’s Encanto?

Disney’s hit film Encanto is still making waves on Disney+ and many fans are noting the film’s successful portrayal of Colombian influences. Others are curious to know what Miércoles means in English, so let’s explain the expression.

Encanto provides a true look at Colombia through the lens of the Madrigal family. Disney used real-life influences when creating the story of Encanto and wanted to portray the authentic Colombian family life.

Disney did this by diving into the depths of the language, even involving euphemisms or slang which would resonate with the people of Colombia. One instance in which this is exampled is by Mirabel’s father when he uses the term Miércoles.

It took some fans multiple rounds of Encanto to clock the ‘Miércoles’ joke, and the clever linguistic scriptwriting is not to be missed throughout the movie.

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Encanto | Official Trailer | DisneyPlus Hotstar

Encanto | Official Trailer | DisneyPlus Hotstar

What does Miércoles mean?

Miércoles means Wednesday in Spanish.

Mirabel’s dad uses the word (Wednesday) as a deliberate mispronunciation of a swear word.

This happens when Agustín tells Mirabel not to let anybody know that she saw Bruno’s vision, but as Dolores’ special gift is super hearing, she overhears this being said.

In response to realising that Pepa’s oldest daughter knows about Mirabel, Agustín responds “Miércoles.” Although when literally translated in Spanish means Wednesday, he is likely using this word to avoid profanity.

This is because the term is often used as a substitute or minced oath in Spanish for the term “mierda” which means, well, faeces.

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What scene is this phrase used in?

Agustín and Mirabel have just had this conversation in front of the nursery’s door which has been left ajar. As soon as he tells her nobody can know, the door squeaks open and Dolores appears, whispering “I know” before scuttling away.

The next scene hilariously shows Mirabel desperately trying to keep Dolores from spreading the news. Mirabel can be seen keeping intense eye contact with Dolores. However, each time someone passes a dish down the table or her view is blocked, another family member finds out. The audience is then treated to some hilarious shocked reactions before the Madrigals erupt in chaos.

Encanto’s roots in Colombia

The film gets its real texture when looking into the Colombian influences expressed throughout the narrative. From the food Mirabel munches on such as arepas, to the matriarch of the Abuela, Encanto looks into the finer details of Colombian culture.

The film represents the racial diversity of the country, the architecture, landscapes, and Colombian expressions. Not to mention their outfits and the many sombrero vueltiaos that make an appearance.

Encanto’s impressive sound score curated by Lin-Manuel Miranda also contributes to the film’s aesthetic as it includes original songs from Colombian singers such as Carlos Vives and Maluma. Not to forget the popular song shown in the trailer titled “Colombia Tierra Querida.”

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