Venom's chocolate cravings explained: Will Let There Be Carnage expand on it?

Jane Corscadden May 10, 2021
Venom's chocolate cravings explained: Will Let There Be Carnage expand on it?

Does Venom eat chocolate? As the trailer for Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage has just been released, many fans are wondering if some hints from the first film and the comics mean that the character eats chocolate. It’s become a bit of an Easter egg, you could say!

So, what’s behind Venom’s chocolate craving, and will the new movie feature or expand on this? Let’s investigate.

Why does Venom eat chocolate?

In the first Venom movie, the symbiote tells Eddie Brock he wants to eat chocolate before biting – and eating – the head off of a robber. Fans on Reddit have explained that this is a nod to the comics.

They say it’s because the symbiote needs a good amount of phenethylamine to sustain itself. This chemical is found either in chocolate, or the human brain. Fair enough.

In the comics, Eddie learned that this craving for phenethylamine could be satisfied by having the symbiote eat copious amounts of chocolate. So, in short, Venom eats chocolate so that he doesn’t have to eat human brains.

What is phenethylamine?

So, we know that Venom needs to get his phenethylamine fix to keep going. But what exactly is this chemical? Is it even real?

Well, yes, phenethylamine does exist. And you’ll never believe it – it really is found in both the human brain and in chocolate.

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It’s a chemical that’s used for athletic performance, depression, weight loss, and to improve mood and attention.

Will Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage feature chocolate?

One question on the lips of many Venom fans at the minute is whether the newest film will touch on Venom’s obsession with chocolate.

And it seems like it will, as fans have pointed out a specific part of the newly released trailer that suggests so.

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When shop owner Mrs Chen tells Eddie their chocolate delivery hasn’t arrived yet, the symbiote replies: “I am happy to eat Mrs Chen!”

This is a clear nod to the symbiote’s obsession with all things phenethylamine, and suggests we’ll be seeing a lot more of the craving in Let There Be Carnage.

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