Will Elena Fisher be in the Uncharted movie? Fans grumble at cast reveal

Yasmine Leung October 21, 2021

The trailer for the movie adaptation of Uncharted just dropped, but one character that’s noticeably absent is Elena Fisher – will she be on the big screens?

Uncharted trailer arrives after years of waiting

Uncharted has been a Sony project for the last 12 years, as producer Avi Arad was working with director David O. Russell to bring Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune to the silver screen.

However, it never materialised since Russell left for Silver Linings Playbook and although many directors stepped in over the years, they all eventually withdrew for other projects.

Ruben Fleischer, known for the Zombieland films, now helms Uncharted alongside Arad, starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan.

While fans are ecstatic for the trailer, they can’t help but notice the absence of Drake’s love interest Elena Fisher.

Will Elena Fisher be in Uncharted?

Elena Fisher appears in the four main Uncharted games as Drake’s sidekick and love interest, but she is just as much of a protagonist as him.

However, we aren’t hopeful for Fisher to be character in the adaptation since she doesn’t feature in the trailer and there has been no news of casting her.

It comes as a huge surprise since romance is a key plot in the game, but at the same time, Uncharted is set to be a prequel to the game series where Drake is in his twenties.

The two only meet when she films the discovery of Sir Francis Drake’s coffin with him.

In 2020, news that Tati Gabrielle would be portraying Fisher circulated on Reddit after an IMDb screenshot was posted. However, it’s now confirmed to be untrue since the You actress will be playing Braddock, a new character.

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The Resident | Season 5

The Resident | Season 5

Fans are heartbroken without Elena

Although the film winds the clock back, the movie is said to include sequences from the third and fourth game, and Chloe Frazer appears, who Drake meets in Uncharted 2.

With this in mind, fans think there’s no excuse to forgo Fisher.

Nolan North, voice of Nathan Drake, brought hope when he said:

“This is not a spoiler, but I think you’re going to meet Elena. Sure, [Nathan] meets her in the first [game], but I don’t see how you do movies without Elena.”

Now we’re extra disappointed.

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