Is Tina Knowles in The App That Stole Christmas? Netflix’s latest Christmas special arrived on the platform on Friday and viewers have been wondering if Beyonce’s mom makes an appearance.

Is this true or has Tina Knowles been mistaken for someone else? Let’s take a closer look.

Is Tina Knowles in The App That Stole Christmas?

No. Tina Knowles is not in The App That Stole Christmas. Case closed, right? Well, not exactly.

Even though Tina Knowles’s IMDb page doesn’t list an appearance in the movie, some viewers are adamant they saw her in it. They must be confusing her with another actress – but who?

Fans could be confusing Tina Knowles with actress Elise Neal, who plays Carly in The App That Stole Christmas.

The two women are around the same age, with Elise Neal 54 and Tina Knowles 66.

Elise Neal is best known for her role as Hallie in Scream 2.

What is the Netflix Christmas special about?

The story of the movie centres on Felix Rhome (Jackie Long), an inventor who has created an app that eases the Christmas shopping craze.

Although he’s proud of his creation, Felix soon discovers his app is ruining the spirit of Christmas, as more people spend time on it rather than with their loved ones.

Felix is whisked away to Santa’s Village Resort where he finds himself trapped and turned into an elf. There, he encounters another elf called Ray (played by Ray J), who encourages him to reconnect with the true spirit of Christmas.

This spirit is summed up by Ray as “presence not presents” – a motto that certainly makes sense in 2020!

The App That Stole Christmas was created during the pandemic, so the cast and crew had to observe tight restrictions while filming.

Tina Knowles’s recent projects

Although she didn’t feature in The App That Stole Christmas, Tina Knowles has been making headlines recently.

In July, she made a cameo appearance in Beyonce’s Disney+ film Black Is King.

In September, Tina was in the news when she dressed up as Tina Turner and the photos went viral online. It was believed she had dressed up as the Steamy Windows singer for Beyonce’s birthday party.

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