Netflix’s latest Russian superhero release, Major Grom: Plague Doctor, sees Tikhon Zhiznevskiy portray Major Igor Grom – an unconventional policeman from St. Petersburg.

Who is Tikhon Zhiznevskiy and have we seen him in anything else on our screens?

Who is Tikhon Zhiznevskiy?

32-year-old Tikhon Zhiznevskiy is an actor, born in Zelenogradsk, Russia.

According to Zhiznevskiy’s IMDb page, the actor has been active in the TV and film industry for over a decade, reportedly making his movie debut in 2006.

Other prominent work of his that you might have heard of include: No Escapes (2020) and Hooked on the Game (2009).

It seems as though outside of acting, the actor is an avid social media user. Boasting over 90k followers on Instagram (@tihonzhiznevskiy), Zhiznevskiy posts monochrome, suave-looking photographs of himself, alongside promo pictures for his upcoming projects.

The actor is also a Twitter user, going by the handle @Shpihon.

Zhiznevskiy is now making his Netflix debut, appearing as lead character Major Igor Grom in the Russian superhero movie, Major Grom: Plague Doctor.

Zhiznevskiy makes his Netflix debut with Major Grom

Although we’re not hearing too much about Tikhon as of right now, we’re expecting to see a lot more of him.

Reportedly, Major Grom: Plague Doctor jumped straight to the top of Netflix’s viewing chart after it was released last week. With Zhiznevskiy starring as the titular character, we’re expecting he’s about to get a lot of attention!

For context, Major Grom: Plague Doctor is based on popular Major Grom series of comics, featuring characters from Russia’s largest comic house, Bubble Comics.

Dedicated superhero fans may already recognise the character from 2017’s short movie, Major Grom. However, Aleksander Gorbatov starred as Grom in that version.

The Russian superhero movie is available to stream now on Netflix.

Meet the other Plague Doctor cast members

If you couldn’t get enough of Netflix’s new release, take a look at the other major cast members:

Fedor Prokopenko

Police colonel, Fedor Prokopenko, is played by Aleksey Maklakov. Maklakov is a 60-year-old Russian actor best known for Night Watch (2004).

Yulia Pchelkina

Yulia Pchelkina is played by Lyubov Aksyonova, a 31-year-old actress from Moscow.

Sergey Razumovsky

24-year-old Russian actor Sergey Goroshko plays Sergey Razumovsky.

See the rest of the cast list here.

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