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Was the Valkyrie wearing braces? Exploring the accuracy of The Northman

Daniel Munro April 22, 2022
Was the Valkyrie wearing braces? Exploring the accuracy of The Northman

Today, April 22, sees the release of the new historical Viking thriller, ‘The Northman’. It’s no secret that its director Robert Eggers goes to extreme lengths to ensure the historical accuracy of his films. But just how accurate is The Northman, and was the Valkyrie spotted wearing braces?

The Northman: the Viking drama you didn’t know you needed

If you thought The Lighthouse was an intense watch, then just brace yourself for Robert Eggers’ new release, The Northman.

The Northman, according to IMDb, explores “a young Viking prince on his quest to avenge his father’s murder.”

With a budget reportedly exceeding $65 million, The Northman is Eggers’ most expensive yet, and it is clear to see why.

With stars like Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe and Björk all involved, The Northman was never going to come cheap.

So far, reviews from fans seem to be positive.

One viewer took to Twitter to write: “Robert Eggers is now 3 for 3 and I think The Northman might just be his best film yet.”

Another adding: “This needs to be seen on the big screen at least once.”

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Was the Valkyrie spotted wearing braces in the Northman?

There may be a lot of hype around this new release, but is it historically accurate?

Well, according to some fans, The Northman made a slight historical error with one of its characters – the Valkyrie.

Some viewers couldn’t work out what had happened to the Valkyrie’s teeth and wondered whether the Viking-era character had braces.

However, director Robert Eggers was on hand to quickly dispel any rumours of modern dentistry in the period piece.

In an interview with GQ, Eggers rubbished the claims: “So, the Valkyrie is not wearing braces.”

Eggers continued: “Many Viking skulls have been excavated that have horizontal grooves carved in their teeth”

“The current favourite theory is that perhaps those grooves were filled with coloured enamel. And that it was just to look cool.”

So it would appear that instead of a historical accuracy error, the Valkyrie’s teeth were actually the opposite.

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Where to watch The Northman – is it on streaming services?

With the picture being released today in U.S. cinemas, fans can officially see The Northman in person.

However, at this moment, The Northman is only available in cinemas.

According to Film Daily, The Northman will eventually be available on Netflix, but at the moment there is no time scale for when that will be.

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