The Cursed 2022 weaves true story and folk myth to chilling effect

Darcy Rafter February 18, 2022
The Cursed 2022 weaves true story and folk myth to chilling effect

The latest movie to hit screens is The Cursed, which takes a unique angle on werewolf folk tales as it ventures through late 19th century Europe. Let’s discover how these two aspects expertly create a chilling effect on the audience. As fans feel there must be some truth to the narrative.

The story plays out more than a century ago and ties a period piece with gory horror aspects. Filmmaker Sean Ellis who wrote, directed, co-produced and is the cinematographer of the period piece, creates horrifying sequences whilst adding a hint of history. Let’s explore how he has weaved some sense of a true story into the fantasy genre of film.

The Cursed 2022 weaves true story

Although The Cursed is not solely based on a true story, it does take inspiration from real life events.

It is situated among real-life historical events from the outset, as the opening scene is set on a World War I battlefield. The film also mirrors challenges from the old class system and society. Along with the fact that it takes place during the 19th century France during the cholera epidemic.

The viewer watches the death of a soldier on the Great War battlefield, as a silver bullet is taken from his body. It then switches to a childhood flashback of two upper class siblings who live with their strict father, Seamus Laurent (Alistair Petrie) and loving mother, Isabelle (Kelly Reilly). We follow the journey of the Laurent family and their run in with the curse.

Boyd Holbrook stars as John McBride, who lost his family to a werewolf outbreak years ago. When he hears that there is a similar wave of humans turning into beasts at a French country estate where the Laurent family reside. McBride arrives to investigate the issue, to then find out that the Laurents are the real problem.

Werewolf folklore myths from 19th century

The Cursed features were-beasts which are likely featured as they have taken inspiration from tales published during the nineteenth-century.

The Industrial Revolution triggered both environmental changes and social changes, one change includes the prominence of werewolf literature. Andrew Barger even argued that the “transformation of the werewolf in literature made its greatest strides in the nineteenth-century when the monster leapt from poetry to the short story.”

Now we see how The Cursed combines the two, making a period piece based on folklores from the 19th century. This has a chilling effect on viewers who experience a fantasy narrative with a hint of historical reality.

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