Is The Crush based on a true story? Fans love Alicia Silverstone movie from 1993

Olivia Olphin July 21, 2021
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Ever wonder what other films Alicia Silverstone starred in as well as Clueless? Want a twisted, psychotic, seductive story that keeps you hooked? Then you need to check out the 1993 film The Crush. Fans are also wondering about the plot of the film, and if The Crush was based on a true story. We tell you all you need to know.

The Crush has still got it nearly 30 years on

Fans are falling in love with Alicia Silverstone’s back catalogue of films from the 90s.

The Crush came out in 1993 and follows Nick Eliot, a magazine writer, who moves into the guest house of 14-year-old Darian Forrester’s parents.

Unfortunately for the older lodger, he kisses Darian, which starts her twisted obsession with him. This soon spirals into a deadly game where Darian tries to kill Nick’s new girlfriend Amy, even filling her house with wasps!

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Is The Crush based on a true story?

According to director Alan Shapiro, the idea was inspired by a real life incident that happened to him. A young woman developed a crush on him, but wouldn’t accept that he didn’t want to date her.

This also happened while he was staying as a lodger at a guest house in LA, just like Nick in The Crush.

However, there was some controversy surrounding the film as the director allegedly gave Alicia Silverstone’s character the same name as that of the woman he had based her on.

She was initially called Darian Forrester but the film had to be re-dubbed and changed so that she had the name Adrian. This was reportedly due to the real Darian suing Alan Shaprio, however this has not been confirmed.

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The Crush (1993) – Official Trailer

The Crush (1993) – Official Trailer

Meet The Crush cast

The cast of the Crush includes Alicia Silverstone, known for playing Cher in Clueless, Batgirl in Batman & Robin and acting in many other hit 90s films.

Cary Elwes played Nick in The Crush. He is most well known for starring in Saw, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, The Princess Bride, and recently TV series such as The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, Stranger Things and Family Guy.

Amy Maddik, Nick’s suffering girlfriend, was played by Jennifer Rubin. She had many standout roles in the 90s, including in Screamers, The Doors, and Little Witches.

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