The Crow cast now - Harrowing guilt over co-star's death to Star Wars snub

Darcy Rafter November 15, 2022
The Crow cast now - Harrowing guilt over co-star's death to Star Wars snub


28 years after The Crow hit theaters in 1994, the dark film’s cult following remains strong. After almost three decades, some fans are left wondering where The Crow cast members are now in 2022.

The Crow is based on a graphic novel written by James O’Barr. The movie tells the tale of a murdered rock star who is resurrected to defeat the men who killed him and his fiancée.

The movie is set for a reboot and after spending nearly 14 years in development, filming finally commenced in spring. Post-production on the reboot then began in September 2022.

Join The Focus, as we see where the original cast are now after The Crow’s initial release.

Where The Crow cast are now

Brandon Lee as Eric Draven

Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Brandon, the son of the martial arts legend Bruce Lee, was hired to play the role of Eric Draven. Whilst Lee had appeared in films such as Showdown in Little Tokyo and Rapid Fire, it was speculated this role would launch him into Hollywood.

Tragically, Brandon Lee was killed in an accident while filming The Crow when he was hit by a bullet. The bullet was dislodged from a prop gun that was supposed to fire blanks. Director Alex Proyas completed the film using a stand-in and dedicated the film in tribute to Lee.

Now, no matter who was brought into The Crow cast for Lee’s role, he will always be remembered in Hollywood’s history.

Lee also appeared in a cameo for the Swedish film Sex, Lies and Video Violence in 1992. It was posthumously released in 2000.

Rochelle Davis as Sarah

Rochelle Davis played teenager Sarah, a girl whose estranged mom is a drug addict. Sarah is taken in by Eric Draven and his girlfriend, Shelly.

Davis had never acted in anything else before and following her co-star’s death, she had to return to the set to film one final scene with a Brandon Lee body double.

Davis didn’t return to acting until 2009 when she had a small part in a horror film called Hell House. After that, she put more time into her music career as a singer and became a comedian.

Ernie Hudson as Sgt Albrecht

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Many know Hudson for his role as Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters films. However, in The Crow, Ernie plays the policeman who investigates the murders of Eric Draven and Shelly Webster.

Now, it appears Hudson was typecast for a while, after being brought in for The Crow Cast, as he later played a policeman in the film Airheads. He has also appeared in Congo and TV shows, including Modern Family and Hart Of Dixie. Hudson’s varied career also led him to become a voice actor, as he played Agent Fowler on Transformers Prime.

The actor married his first wife in 1963 when he was eighteen, and she was sixteen; together they share two sons. After they split, he later married Linda Kingsberg, with whom he had an additional two sons. 

Most recently, the actor has signed on to the reboot of Quantum Leap. 

Michael Wincott as Top Dollar

Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

Wincott is known for his villainous roles. So when he won the part of the sinister Top Dollar in The Crow, fans weren’t surprised.

His raspy voice makes for the perfect bad guy, and Wincott continued his acting career playing baddies following The Crow. With parts in Strange Days, Alien: Resurrection, and serial killer Ed Gein in Hitchcock.

More recently, fans will have seen Michael appear in the 2022 film Nope playing Antlers Holst. It follows a cinematographer enlisted to capture the bizarre happenings on the ranch.

Bai Ling as Myca

Photo by Allison Dinner/Getty Images

Chinese film actress Bai Ling saw American movie star success with The Crow, where she played Myca. In the film, she plays the half-sister and lover of Top Dollar.

Following The Crow, Ling found Hollywood fame overnight as she quickly landed roles in Nixon, Wild Wild West, Hawaii Five-0, and Lost. She also had a role in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, however, her scenes were later cut out from the final version by George Lucas.

Ling later went on to model as she was the first Asian actress to ever be on the cover of Playboy in June 2005. The actress suffered from alcohol addiction and underwent treatment at the Pasadena Recovery Center. Her recovery process was documented on Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew in 2011, as per The Daily Mail.

Before her break in Hollywood, Ling came from a Communist country, Tibet, and she didn’t know how to speak English.

The actress is active on Instagram and recently shared she is working on her directorial debut in My Quarantine Romance With Toilet Paper.

Sofia Shinas as Shelly Webster

Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

Canadian singer Sofia Shinas landed her first acting role as Shelly in The Crow. Interestingly, the part was initially offered to Cameron Diaz, but she didn’t like the script so turned the job down, as per IMDB. We wonder if the star would think differently now about joining The Crow cast, as the movie will be cemented forever into film history.

Following her debut album in 1992, she didn’t further her singing career, nor did her acting credits build up. Aside from a role opposite Charlie Sheen and Nastassja Kinski in Terminal Velocity.

Instead, she decided to work behind the camera as a director. She graduated from the USC School of Cinema-Television in Los Angeles in 2008. Her first film was titled Spring Eternal, which she created as a thesis project.

The actress is also a big philanthropist and she mainly supports charities for endangered species.

David Patrick Kelly as T-Bird

David Patrick Kelly played T-Bird in The Crow, but the actor was already known for his role in David Lynch’s Wild At Heart. In fact, the talented actor impressed Lynch so much the director wrote a part in Twin Peaks just for Kelly.

Kelly continued his successful career, in films like Flags Of Our Fathers, The Longest Yard, and VWF. He even showed up in recurring parts on Gossip Girl and Louie. Kelly is also a musician and has played in venues like Max’s Kansas City and The Lower Manhattan Ocean Club.

The now 71-year-old resides with his family in Manhattan, he married theater actress and writer Juliana Francis on August 14, 2005. Together, they share a daughter named Margarethe Jane Kelly, born in 2008.

Michael Massee as Funboy

Photo by Adam Larkey/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Massee played Funboy, one of the gangsters who killed Shelly. Sadly, Massee fired the gun which housed the bullet that accidentally killed Brandon Lee. Following the accident, Massee left Hollywood for a year-long sabbatical and returned to his home in New York.

In 2005, he opened up about the heartbreaking accident on the set of The Crow. The unthinkable tragedy remained with Massee as the actor broke his silence, stating: “I don’t think you ever get over something like that.”

Following The Crow, Massee went on to accumulate more than 80 film credits, including roles in Revelations, The Man In The Shadows, and 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man.

Massee passed away on October 20, 2016, in Los Angeles at 64 years old. The cause of death was stomach cancer, as reported by Variety.


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