SPOILERS: Does Lemon or Tangerine die in Bullet Train?

Eve Edwards January 2, 2023
SPOILERS: Does Lemon or Tangerine die in Bullet Train?
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For those Bullet Train viewers who need to know whether Lemon dies in the film, let’s take a look at whether Brian Tyree Henry‘s character does.

WARNING: Major Bullet Train spoilers ahead

In August last summer, David Leitch brought Kōtarō Isaka’s novel Maria Beetle (Bullet Train) to life on screen. With an all-star cast including the likes of Brad Pitt, Brian Tyree Henry, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and even rapper Bad Bunny, it’s not hard to see why the thriller became a summer hit.

Now that Bullet Train has landed on streaming platforms, newer viewers are worried about the fate of a fan-favorite: Lemon. So, does Lemon die in the movie? Here’s what you need to know about the assassin’s future.

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Lemon and Tangerine take a hit in Bullet Train

In a movie about assassins taking out other assassins, Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry) and Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) have the upper hand working as a duo. But they still are no match for Prince (Joey King) who succeed in orchestrating the shooting of ‘twin brothers’ Tangerine and Lemon.

After Lemon’s supposed death, Tangerine comes to the realization that Lemon was behind the hit. But before Tangerine is able to take his revenge, Prince manipulates Ladybug (Brad Pitt) into protecting her from the English assassin. While wrestling for the gun, it goes off and Tangerine is struck by a bullet to the neck.

Tangerine dies while trying to warn Ladybug that Prince is not as innocent as she makes out to be and is the “Diesel” on the train.

Does Lemon die in Bullet Train?

No, Lemon does not die in Bullet Train despite being shot. Brian Tyree Henry’s character makes his way back into the action towards the end of the film and it is revealed he had been saved by his bulletproof vest.

This comes after Lemon and Tangerine discussed the use of bulletproof vests earlier in the film. Lemon believed the vests to be useless as one could be shot in the neck whereas Tangerine believed them to be essential to protect from being shot in the chest. The irony then plays out in Tangerine’s death and Lemon’s survival.

Lemon evaded death a second time, surviving his fall from the bullet train into the lake before taking out his potential assassinator.

Lemon gets his revenge over Tangerine’s death

Once it is revealed that Lemon survived the shooting and falling from the bullet train, we get to see the assassin take his revenge.

After coming across a tangerine truck, Lemon hijacks the ride and uses it to run Prince over, seemingly killing her. Prince’s death is the last in the movie, with Lemon surviving.

Which other characters die in Bullet Train?

As Bullet Train is a movie about assassins trying to take out one another, it’s not a shocker that there are plenty of on-screen (and rather dramatic) deaths.

Here is a rundown of all the characters who die in Bullet Train and how they are killed off:

  • The White Death’s wife – car crash organized by a hitman
  • The Elder’s wife – attack on the Elder’s family home organized by the White Death
  • The Wolf’s family – the Wolf’s whole family and wife are killed at his wedding, poisoned by the Hornet
  • Prince’s hitman – taken out by the Elder’s hitman
  • The Wolf – stabbed by his own knife during a fight with Ladybug
  • The White Death’s son – poisoned by the Hornet
  • The Hornet – poisoned by her own snake venom by Ladybug
  • Tangerine – shot in the neck during struggle with Ladybug
  • The White Death – accidentally shoots himself while trying to shoot Ladybug
  • Prince – run over by Lemon in a tangerine truck

As the White Death has a habit of killing anyone attempting to kill him with their own weapon, you might notice that many of these deaths follow such a pattern. A majority of the assassins are killed by their own weapons of choice.

You can watch Bullet Train on Netflix now.

Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images
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