Where The Sound Of Music kids are now: Tarantino flick to ditching showbiz

Darcy Rafter May 31, 2022
Where The Sound Of Music kids are now: Tarantino flick to ditching showbiz

It has been a staggering 56 years since Maria and the Von Trapp family do-re-mi’d their way on to our screens in The Sound Of Music. Let’s be honest, the Von Trapp children were the stars of the show so let’s find out where they are now.

The Sound Of Music was the soundtrack to our childhoods with songs such as So Long, Farewell and My Favourite Things. Listening back to the songs it’s the children singing them who stand out, so let’s take a look at what they are up to in 2022.

Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer are flanked on all sides by their children, all members of the singing Von Trapp family, in this publicity handout from the 1965 adaption of the Rogers and Hammerstein musical, The Sound of Music.

Charmian Carr – Liesl

You’ll know Charmian Carr best for singing 16 Going On 17 as the eldest Von Trapp child in The Sound Of Music. During filming she was actually 23 years old but quit acting after the movie’s release and had two daughters.

She then became an interior designer in California for Hollywood A-Listers, her clientele included the likes of Michael Jackson. Carr later wrote two books, Forever Liesl and Letters To Liesl, sharing on-set anecdotes from filming SOM.

Charmian passed away in Los Angeles on 17 September 2016 from complications with dementia. She was 73 years old. 

Julie Andrews as Maria von Trapp sits on a sofa with Charmian Carr as Liesl von Trapp in the film adaption of the Rogers and Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music.

Nicholas Hammond – Friedrich

Nicholas Hammond played the second-eldest Von Trapp child. After the release, he starred in 1977 TV series The Amazing Spider-Man, Dallas in 1982 and a mini-series on Gallipoli in 2015.

It is reported Quentin Tarantino offered him a role in A-list movie Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood because he had worked in Hollywood in the 1970s and 1980s and appeared in a lot of Westerns. Tarantino asked Hammond: “Would you like to play the role (of Sam Wanamaker?)” Hammond agreed and the rest is history.

Nicholas Hammond now lives in Sydney with wife and Australian actor Robyn Nevin.

Photo by CBS via Getty Images

Heather Menzies-Urich – Louisa

Menzies starred as Louisa von Trapp when she was 13 years old and, after that role, she played Jessica in classic sci-fi series Logan’s Run. According to the BBC, following the film she had a controversial photo in Playboy that was headlined “The Tender Trapp”.

Heather stepped away from the industry to raise three children but sadly died of brain cancer at 68 years old on Christmas Eve 2017.

Photo by Stefanie Keenan/WireImage

Duane Chase – Kurt

You may remember Chase’s opening line: “I’m Kurt, I’m 11, and I’m incorrigible!” You might also remember the high note he sings in So Long, Farewell. This was actually sung by Charmian Carr’s little sister.

Following The Sound Of Music he featured in an episode of The Big Valley in 1966 but then stepped away from the spotlight. He got a degree in geology and joined the Forest Service. He is now in his 70s and lives in Washington.

Movie still from the 1965 film The Sound of Music, starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. All the Von Trapp children gathered to open presents..

Angela Cartwright – Brigitta

Angela Cartwright was born in Cheshire and moved to the US to pursue acting, landing her role in The Sound Of Music at the age of 12. After that she starred in TV show Lost in Space from 1965 to 1968 and the film Scout’s Honor in 1980.

Angela is now an artist who showcases her work in Studio City, Los Angeles. She has two children with actor Steve Gullion.

Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Heritage Auctions

Debbie Turner – Marta

Debbie Turner was six when she played Marta von Trapp and, after the release, she stopped acting and went back to school. She met her husband Rick Larson at a ski resort and they married in 1980 – they now share four daughters.

She runs her own events design company, Debbie Turner Originals, and during the pandemic Debbie used the same fabric found in The Sound Of Music to make face masks she sells on her website.

Photo by Bruce Bailey/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Kym Karath – Gretl

Kym Karath starred in The Sound Of Music at six years old and had previously been in Spencer’s Mountain with Henry Fonda.

She went on to study humanities at the University of Southern California and then moved to Paris where she married Philippe L’Equilbec and had a son in 1991. She then moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, before returning to acting in 2005. The actor has since remarried and lives in Los Angeles.

Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images
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