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Someone call Colin Farrell, NYC just removed its last phone booth

Jo Craig May 24, 2022
phone booth colin farrell

As if there aren’t enough alerts in the day to remind you of how old you are, the removal of New York City’s last phone booth should do the trick.

In light of this sign of the times, movie-goers are reminded of Joel Schumacher’s 2002 thriller Phone Booth, which features the now-archived technology.

We take a look at the iconic moment when NYC’s last phone booth was removed, provide a recap of the Colin Farrell-led film, and discuss the future of Gen Z.

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Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder | Official Trailer

NYC removes its last phone booth

It was recently reported by Bloomberg that New York City had arrived at the end of an era by removing its last phone booth.

Despite all of them now being gone, many destinations have been replaced with wi-fi kiosks for the general public to tap into on the move.

Manhattan Borough president Mark Levine and council member Julie Won were on hand to witness the occasion, marking the end of more than 8,000 public telephones.

The payphone will be added to the Museum of the City of New York’s exhibit, Analog City.

Joel Schumacher’s phone booth scene wasn’t filmed in New York

The 2002 psychological thriller from Joel Schumacher is one of the high-octane films from the Noughties that still holds up today.

Phone Booth, starring Colin Farrell, Kiefer Sutherland, Forest Whitaker, Katie Holmes and Radha Mitchell, sees Farrell’s arrogant publicist become involved in a hostage-from-afar situation. Sutherland trains his sniper’s rifle on Farrell, trapping him in a phone booth until he confesses to adultery.

Despite the film being set in New York City, Phone Booth was actually shot in front of the CB1 Gallery in downtown Los Angeles, at the corner of West 5th Street and Frank Court.

Additionally, the phone booth seen in the film was not an exact likeness to the New York phone booths of that era.

Generation Z will consider phone booths ancient technology

Generation Z won’t only be puzzled by cassette players, surely phone booths will be added to their list of relics?

Maroon 5 track Payphone will be a song of mystery for new kids on the block, while Farrell’s film will also be looked on in the same way millennials thought of black-and-white television. Some youngsters thought the past only existed in black and white!

To commemorate the death of the payphone in NYC, many have flocked to Twitter to share photos of people using the now outdated technology over the decades:

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

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