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Who plays Porsha Crystal in Sing 2's voice cast?

Amber Peake January 11, 2022
Who plays Porsha Crystal in Sing 2's voice cast?


As hype for Sing 2 continues following its release in the US last month, curiosity over the film’s voice cast has sparked among fans. We explore who voices Porsha Crystal in the Sing 2 cast and why they may sound familiar.

Sing 2 seems to already be a hit with fans which is no surprise as it has an all-star voice cast, including Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johannson and Matthew McConaughey. But what star is behind Sing 2 character Porsha Crystal? Let’s take a look…

Sing 2 | Final Trailer

Sing 2 | Final Trailer
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Who plays Porsha in the Sing 2 voice cast?

Porsha Crystal is the daughter of Jimmy Crystal, the head of Crystal Entertainment. Audiences first become acquainted with the media mogul’s daughter as Jimmy introduces her to Buster Moon and his crew.

Porsha is a big Clay Calloway fan and after Buster name drops the well-known rockstar during discussions about producing a new stage show, she finds a way into the group’s upcoming performance.

The Sing 2 character is voiced by singer Halsey who may be familiar to some for their feature on the 2016 Chainsmokers’ track Closer which stayed in the US Top 40 charts for over a year.

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Sing 2’s Porsha is not Halsey’s first voice acting role

While Halsey is known for their music career with hits such as Gasoline and Colors, she is no stranger to the world of voice acting. According to their IMDb page, the artist has previously voiced parts in well known animated series, including American Dad! and Scooby-Doo And Guess Who?.

The singer addressed their roles in the TV shows in an interview with Billboard in 2018 while discussing whether she would get into acting in the future. Halsey explained: “A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I do voice acting and I do it kind of on the low I don’t put it under my own name.”

She added: “I have like a weird voice, so I embrace it. So I’d probably love to get into something where I could be really animated, cause I’m pretty animated.”

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images
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Porsha is a favourite among Sing 2 fans

The singer’s portrayal as Porsha seems to be a hit with fans as many have shared their appreciation for the character on Twitter:

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