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Sea Change's unexplained ending has fans demanding a movie sequel

Eve Edwards June 12, 2022

Since Sea Change premiered on Lifetime in 2017, viewers of the fantasy romance have been after an explainer for that cliffhanger ending.

The Lifetime original, based on Aimee Friedman’s novel, follows Miranda, a teenage girl who travels to an island off Maine’s coastline and encounters Leo, who has connections to the island’s legendary sea creatures.

***SPOILER WARNING*** Details of the movie and the book on which it is based will be explored throughout this article. So, if you haven’t seen Sea Change but want to, don’t read on!

Screenshot: Lifetime Movie Moment: Sea Change | Available on Lifetime Movie Club | LMN – Lifetime YouTube

Sea Change based on Aimee Friedman’s book of the same name

American author Aimee Friedman is known for writing a string of popular young adult novels. Some of her best-loved series besides Sea Change include South Beach, Two Summers, and The Year My Sister Got Lucky.

Published in 2009, Sea Change received instant interest from TV producers wanting to option the book. They “saw it having the potential to be something like a ‘supernatural Dawson’s Creek’,” Friedman explained in an interview with Oom Scholastic.

This, however, didn’t go anywhere until spring 2016, when Aimee Friedman received a call saying Lifetime TV had signed on to the project and it was in motion. The film released to Lifetime on 18 September 2017.

Much of the movie is the same as the book, bar a few elements. Firstly, Selkie Island is off Georgia’s coastline in the novel, but Maine in the movie adaptation. The movie was filmed in Nova Scotia. Secondly, the Lifetime movie features far more supernatural elements than the book, although this was a welcome change, Aimee Friedman has said.

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Sea Change ending explored

The last 15 minutes of Sea Change has left many movie-goers unsatisfied. Taking a look at reviews, many viewers think the ending affected their enjoyment of the film because of the number of plot holes and cliffhangers.

Some of the questions viewers want resolving include how Miranda was connected to the sea walkers; why Leo thought Miranda could save them; why Leo’s sister Naomi wished to hurt Miranda; and why Miranda’s mother was acting so strange about the family’s ‘big secret’.

Miranda’s mother Amelia, played by Maria Dizzia, supposedly knew why Miranda was connected to the sea walkers. However, this is never revealed in the movie.

The consensus in viewers’ theories is Miranda is half sea walker, half human. She is a bridge between the two groups. Some have speculated it is Miranda’s late father, Greg, who was a sea walker. Others have put forth the theory Amelia is the parent with magical powers, considering she rescues Miranda at the end of Sea Change.

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Viewers ‘need’ follow-up movie

Viewers have not only been after an explainer for that cliffhanger ending, they have also hit the internet with demands for a sequel.

One fan wrote to Lifetime’s Twitter account: “I need to know what happens next on Sea Change. You left me hanging!”

Another also asked of Lifetime: “Any chance for a sequel, series or just an interview to wrap things up because now there are all these questions, like WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?! Thanks in advance.”

Several Twitter users also messaged Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Freeform TV to ask them to consider making a sequel or turn Sea Change into a series:

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